GTA 5 Online 100000$ FREE

How to receive $1,000,000 Bonus in GTA 5 Online Premium Edition

As you all know, Epic Games Store gave away GTA 5 Online Premium Edition for free, a few days ago. Epic Games is giving mystery games every week and this week they gave us the perfect quarantine gift i.e GTA V. The Premium Online Edition costs $24.18 USD on Steam. However, if you purchase Premium Edition, you get $1,000,000 Bonus Cash along with Criminal Starter Pack which allows you to start your own criminal empire.

Now it’s totally free on the Epic Games. However, due to the massive spike in the traffic, rockstar servers keeps shutting down.

GTA V Online Servers Down: Rockstar services unavailable

Most of you must have downloaded the game already and are playing it currently. You must have noticed it by now that you didn’t receive the bonus cash yet. It’s because they haven’t given it yet. Epic Games, Rockstar promised it will be available in 7-10 days after making a character on GTA V Online.

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How to receive $1,000,000 Bonus in GTA 5 Online Premium Edition

GTA 5 Online Premium Edition

With $1,000,000 Bonus Cash, you gain access to Criminal Starter Pack, which is basically the fastest way in the game for the new players to create their own criminal empires. And when there is empire mentioned, you get vehicles, weapons, business along with it.

After 7 days you will receive the bonus cash which will help you a lot in buying weapons and starting some business. Till then you can purchase Marksman Rifle, which is free on the ammunition for the Premium Edition players. You just need to buy the ammo. Do bounty hunting missions or become an associate of any CEO’s it pays a lot. Also, if you are new it’s better to find a friend or make a friend in-game who can teach you, that way you will learn faster

Also, the servers are currently down, you need to wait.

Update: I received the bonus cash of 1 Million USD along with Criminal Starter Pack.

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