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Brazilian Walking Dead “Reality Z” coming to Netflix

Netflix is bringing a lot of stuff for us to binge-watch this summer. There are a lot of new shows on Netflix for us to watch. Netflix is creating some good original shows lately. It is collaborating with other producing companies as well.

Netflix is bringing us original shows from all around the globe. It is breaking stereotypes that people only want to watch the “American” series.

“Money Heist” known as La casa da papel is a hit show on Netflix. It is a Spanish show and has become a worldwide hit. It is all because of Netflix.

However, there is another show coming to Netflix. It is based on zombies. It is a comedy/horror series. However, there are already many shows based on this concept present on Netflix. There are shows present in the streaming service like “Z nation.”

A Possible 13 Reasons Why Spinoff Show

But people are actually excited to watch the upcoming show. It is the first time “Netflix” is collaborating with a “Brazilian” production company. Conspiração is a company that is collaborating with Netflix.

What Netflix said about Reality Z?

Netflix said this about the Reality Z:

“In the video revealed today, it is possible to cross the walls that isolate the reality show participants from the exterior world and get to know the great self-sustaining fortress, now threatened by the zombies outside and by the vile human nature inside. Witness what other survivors are willing to do to take over the Greek-inspired palace. In addition to satire on reality shows, the series delves into what is the most profound aspect in the zombie genre: the human drama.”

Cláudio Torres is a famous Brazilian screenwriter and director. Torres has created many award-winning projects. Claudio is a well-known name in Brazil.

He has won 8 Emmys in the international category for his work. Claudio Torres has directed this upcoming project. He is quite optimistic right now.


There are many great names included in this project.

Anna Hartmann, Luellem de Castro, Guilherme Weber, Emílio de Mello, Ravel Andrade, João Pedro Zappa, Julia Ianina, Pierri Baitelli, Jesus Luz, Sabrina Sato, Carla Ribas, Gabriel Canela, Natália Rosa, Leandro Daniel, Hanna Romanazzi, Arlinda Di Baio, and Wallie Ruy.

Brazilian Walking Dead "Reality Z" coming to Netflix

What is the Genre of Reality Z?

Reality Z is a horror-comedy. But still, it is quite thrilling to watch. People are comparing it with the American series “The walking dead” which is the longest-running TV show in America. But, the walking dead is not a comedy.

However, but people still have a lot of expectations from the upcoming show. Zombie land and Z nation, both American movie and TV show are quite famous and they horror/comedy.

Reality z is going to be a great series as it is directed by a winning director. It is going to give a tough competition to all the zombie series. Daybreak is another example of a zombie comedy. However, the show got canceled after the first season. But, people have high expectations from this upcoming series.

Release Date

The show is going to be release on 10th June, 2020 on Netflix.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.