Broken Heart Gallery

Selena Gomez Producing “The Broken Heart Gallery”

Selena Gomez has been producing a lot of projects lately. She seems fully busy with her music career. However, she has done many acting projects in the past. Her role in the fundamentals of caring was widely appreciated and she even got a lot of positive reviews.

Gomez also went for the production of the famous Netflix show “13 Reasons Why”. Selena also appeared at the event related to the show. She also released the tracks for the show. Selena Gomez also faced a lot of backlash for producing such a controversial show. But it did not stop her at all. She is back with another production.

This time Selena Gomez is producing a movie called The Broken Heart Gallery.

Selena Gomez Producing "The Broken Heart Gallery"

Who is the writer of The Broken Heart Gallery?

Natalie Krinsky is the writer a director of the upcoming movie. It is her debut as a director. She is going to direct the upcoming movie and Selena Gomez is all excited to be working with Natalie Krinsky.

A Possible 13 Reasons Why Spinoff Show

Selena Gomez said this about the opportunity to work with Natalie:

“Hearing from more female writers and directors is very much needed. Natalie is a wonderful talent and I am happy to be a part of her debut film.”

What is the plot of the movie?

There is not much about the plot on the internet yet. It is a romantic comedy. It is about a girl who saves items from her previous boyfriends. She decides to create an art show from the collected items.

It is a unique concept and it will grab a lot of attention. Selena is all excited and she even shared her happiness on Instagram. She liked the pictures and started to follow the official page of the upcoming movie.

Release Date of The Broken Heart Gallery

Due to the current situation, pandemic, a lot of movies are delayed. But Selena Gomez shared that the movie is releasing in cinemas. Actually, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is also going to be released in July. Selena Gomez’s Broken Heart Gallery is going to be one of the first movies in the cinema. The movie is going to release on 10th July.

“I understand people’s concerns regarding returning to activities we all loved prior to COVID-19,” Gomez continued. “I hope everyone will listen to scientists’ recommendations and consider others’ health and safety while enjoying a movie theater experience.”

It is hard to maintain social distancing in theaters but not impossible. There are 5,400 theaters in America and 500 in California. The movies might not earn that much this year or next year.

Selena Gomez Producing "The Broken Heart Gallery"


 Dacre Montgomery is going to play the main lead role. He is famous for appearing in Stranger things. Utkarsh Ambudkar, Molly Gordon, Phillipa Soo, Suki Waterhouse, Arturo Castro, Ego Nwodim, Taylor Hill, and Bernadette Peters.

All the cast members are excited to be part of the project produced by Selena Gomez. However, we have to see how this movie will do at the box office. Will it be a success like 13 Reasons Why?

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.