Bungie's Destiny 2 Drama Explained - WF Raider Attack on Bungie Employee

Bungie’s Destiny 2 Drama Explained – Bungie Laying Off Employees Why?

Each year, there is a new drama related to Destiny 2 and the developers of the game, Bungie. This year (2023) is no different, as Bungie started laying off some of its employees.

These employees had a serious role in the development of the studio, and this backfired, as fights between different employees and users of Twitter (X) commenced.

Bungie's Destiny 2 Drama Explained - Bungie Laying Off Employees Why?

Former First Raider and Bungie Account Manager (Hippie)

One of the former first raiders who helped recover the account started going after the account manager of Bungie, known as DirtyEffinHippy on Twitter (X). Below, we have the conversation from Hippy himself.

Bungie Account Manager Hippy on Laying off Employees

In response to that, former first raider “Slap” had a tweet mentioning the struggles of dealing with Bungie, because they had to pay him. The response from Slap is as follows.

Former First Raider Slap in response to Bungie Laying Off Employees

Why is Bungie laying off employees?

Checking out the response above, it is clear that Bungie started laying off employees who were doing “Paid Account Recoveries” for individuals.

But, since laying off is totally on the shoulders of the company, the individuals are left out of this. Thus, the community backfires on the company, instead of checking out the details of why they are doing that.

Account Recoveries of banned individuals

Account Recovery of the individuals who were banned for doing some unlawful things is prohibited. Thus, whoever, from the company goes ahead and personally gives back the account without proper notice is in the red area.

Bunger Laying Off Employees Because of Banned Account Recoveries

Bungie’s Destiny 2 Drama – Laying Off Employees Justified or Not?

Bungie is crystal clear about their terms and service, from the player’s side and also the employee’s side. Thus, whoever tries to break the terms and services to get paid is a criminal.

All in all, Bungie Laying Off Employees is simply justified, as the employees were breaking terms and services by unbanning the banned accounts while being paid for that. That’s all in the Bungie’s Destiny 2 Drama.

Bungie’s Destiny 2 Drama – Laying Off Employees Justified or Not?

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