Find Out Can your Laptop Run Hogwarts Legacy

Find Out Can your Laptop Run Hogwarts Legacy

The gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy is out and oh boy, the game looks fantastic. Good for those who can actually play it on their PCs or Consoles, but there is quite a lot of trouble for those looking to play Hogwarts Legacy on a Laptop. So, we went ahead and compiled this article to help you Find Out Can your Laptop run Hogwarts Legacy. 

Why Running Hogwarts Legacy on Laptop is troublesome

Gaming on Laptop

First and foremost, the issue with laptops isn’t about requirements most of the time. Rather, the issue is with the power of equipment in the Laptop. When you compare both PC and Laptop with the same specs, the difference in power is a minimum of 20 percent, while it can be more than 50 percent.

Laptops have a smaller version of the same stuff integrated to make the Laptops much more portable, but it takes away the capabilities of the equipment. A PC GPU is near-about the same size as a Laptop, so that makes sense as well. 

Secondly, the Laptop doesn’t have that effective cooling involved that lets it run on full power for a long time. Your Laptop might run Hogwarts Legacy, but after some time, due to thermal issues, the Laptop might under-perform, resulting in the game lagging or being unplayable. Before Buying any Gaming Laptop, make sure to check the following stuff.

Can Your Laptop Run Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy on Laptop

Now to the main part. Yes, it might run Hogwarts Legacy if it falls on the Medium or High System Requirements. You can’t expect your Laptop to Run Hogwarts Legacy if it is in the Minimum System Requirement section because of the factors we mentioned above.

So, what are the Minimum, Medium, and Maximum System Requirements for Hogwarts Legacy? Below, we mentioned them for you to look at!

Minimum System Requirement for Hogwarts Legacy

  • Core i5 2500K or AMD FX 6300
  • GTX 660 or AMD R9 270
  • DX 12
  • 8GB RAM
  • 85 GB Space

So, these are the minimum requirements. From this, we can see that the game is quite heavily dependent on the Graphics, but you can’t miss the CPU part as well. You do need 85GB of space to run Hogwarts Legacy on your Laptop.

So, can your Laptop Run Hogwarts Legacy with these minimum requirements? No, it can’t because these are meant for PC and won’t work with your Laptop. We suggest you get a Laptop with i5 7th Gen minimum to run Hogwarts Legacy.

On the GPU side, you do need an upgrade to the 3000 series or 1660/1650 Laptop to run Hogwarts Legacy on your Laptop. We recommend you get a 3000 series Laptop because the 1600 series is also in the red zone. Get 16 GB Ram…period!

Check out our Guide on Best Laptops for Hogwarts Legacy if you need assistance in getting a New Laptop specifically to play the Game.

  • Core i7 6700k or Ryzen 7 1700
  • GTX 970 or RX 580
  • DX 12
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 85 GB Space

After checking this out in the Recommended section you might lose your consciousness but that is the reality with Hogwarts Legacy. If you have a Gaming Laptop after 2020, then you are lucky enough to run it on Recommended settings. 

Our Take on Requirements of Hogwarts Legacy

Honestly, the minimum requirements on Hogwarts Legacy might be the most demanding as of yet. Look at the RAM, CPU, and GPU you need to run it on a PC… Laptops are out of the talk, it is not even worth mentioning them for the minimum.

If you have a Laptop with Recommended Requirements of Hogwarts Legacy, then you might be able to play the game with ease, otherwise, we mentioned the specs you need on your Laptop to run Hogwarts Legacy.

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