Can't Buy Lies of P Deluxe Edition on Steam

Can’t Buy Lies of P Deluxe Edition on Steam

You missed out on the Early Access and now redeeming your choice by purchasing the Lies of P Deluxe Edition. Well, you can’t, and the reason behind it is that Steam thinks you already purchased the game. The full error that appears on Steam is “You are unable to buy because you have similar items in your cart”. This error is in an orange pop-up. Don’t worry, we have a guide that explains the issue of Can’t Buy Lies of P Deluxe Edition on Steam.

About Lies of P – A Souls-Like Masterpiece!

After the release of Demon Souls, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls, there is a whole genre after the “Souls-Like” that aims to make games with similar mechanics. Lies of P is regarded as one of the best “Souls-Like” games but with its own touch.

Developed by the Round 8 Studios in cooperation with Neowiz Games, Lies of P is set in a dark world. You’re basically a Pennuchio set in the world of puppets. Your maker Geppetto was caught in a web of lies, having strange monsters resembling puppets or actual monsters.

You are the main hero and the only one standing between the events fallen on “Lies of P”, and the citizen. You were actually woken up by a voice that guided you through Krat – the main city.

It was once a place of beauty but later fell into madness, as well as bloodlust. So, it might sound like a Souls-Like, but it has its own touch. Different weapons, builds, play-style, and horrors. You have to fight powerful enemies and face stronger enemies as you level up.

Lies of P - A love letter from Round 8 Studios to From Software.

Why Can’t I Buy Lies of P Deluxe Edition on Steam?

Well, the error says it all. The Steam Launcher things that you bought the Deluxe Edition instead of the Base Edition. If you search for Lies of P, there are two entries in the cart.

The normal edition and the deluxe edition/upgrade to Lies of P. You want the latter one, while the first one is yours already. Steam things that you are buying the base game twice.

On the page, it will show NA for the Deluxe Edition Upgrade of the game. To fix this issue, you will have to make sure that the Base or Normal Version of Lies of P is already there.

Purchase it, and then purchase the Deluxe Edition. The Steam will say that you have two copies of the same game, but don’t worry and confirm it. The latter will work out and you will fix the Lies of P Deluxe Edition.

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