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Can’t Skip Cutscene and Dialogue in Diablo 4 – Fixed!

Diablo 4 is the OG of video games in 2023 and potentially the Game of the Year as well. The early access of Diablo 4 is over and the official release for Diablo 4 is upon us. There were a ton of issues in Diablo 4 Server Slam and all of those carried on to the Early Access, now wracking havoc in the official release. The same nonskippable dialogues and cutscenes are still here. Here in this guide, we are going to show you how to fix Can’t Skip Dialogue and Dialogue in Diablo 4

Can't Skip Cutscene and Dialogue in Diablo 4 - Fixed!

Why Don’t the Dialogues and Cutscenes Skip?

For the most part, they are Skipping, but there is a relatively small period in which you can press some buttons and skip the Dialogues, as well as Cutscenes. You can’t do that otherwise.

This is kind of strange because if you don’t press the right buttons at the right time, you will have to suffer. Actually, the cutscenes and dialogues are really good, considering it is a Blizzard game, but skipping them is your choice.

Fixed Can’t Skip Cutscene and Dialogue in Diablo 4

You actually can’t fix this Can’t Skip Cutscene and Dialogue in Diablo 4 yourself because it is a server issue and only developers can release a patch to fix the issue. You can try out different things to Skip Dialogue in Diablo 4 below.

  • When you press Escape, there is a swirling icon, but the Dialogue won’t skip. In order to tackle that you will have to press the Escape or the Left Click immediately when the Dialogue start.
  • You can split the Left, Right, and Escape Key to change the actions to different keys. Then you can press all three to quickly skip Dialogues.
  • Press Left Click and the UI button to Skip appears. Press that button, then press Escape, and the Dialogues, as well as Cutscenes, will Skip in Diablo 4.
  • During the Quest Dialogues and other Cutscenes, you can Press ALT and TAB to get another application open and come back to the game with ALT and TAB. Press Left Click and then Escape.
  • You can do the above point but keep holding the Escape without pressing the Left Click to Skip the Dialogues.
Can't Skip Cutscene and Dialogue in Diablo 4 - Fixed!


Yes, we know it is a pain to watch the whole Dialogue or Cutscenes, and sometimes the game gets stuck at the Dialogue screen as well. Try out the hacks we mentioned above in our guide to fixing Can’t Skip Cutscene and Dialogue in Diablo 4.

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