How to Fix Can't Get Caij Match Achievement in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Can’t Talk to Caij in Star Wars Jedi Survivor – Caij Bounty Bug

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor you will find a ton of missions, specifically unlocking something in return for completion. In these categories, you will come across Caij, who gives you Bounty Missions. There are a total of 16 available in the game and to get the reward, you will have to complete all of them. Unfortunately, while doing the Bounties, you will find yourself stuck in a loop known as Caij Bounty Bug. Either Caij stopped giving you these quests or you Can’t Talk to Caij in Star Wars Jedi Survivor to get those good old Bounty Missions. Here in this guide, we will be sharing with you the details of this matter.

Can't Talk to Caij in Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Caij Bounty Bug

What is Caij Bounty Bug in Jedi Survivor?

The Caij Bounty bug is a known issue throughout the forums in which your Bounty Hunting missing gets stuck. Either Caij doesn’t talk to you, give you the bounties or even if she does, the Bounty Hunter locations are bugged out.

The obvious reason for bounty hunting missions not given by Caij in Jedi Survivor is a soft lock. The game literally bugs out at some point like 11/16 or 10/16 and something similar.

Due to the soft lock, Caij won’t be giving you a bounty mission but allow you to get to the location. Sometimes it isn’t a soft lock or a bug that is stopping you. But rather a hint or a small trigger portion you missed.

Can’t Talk to Caij in Star Wars Jedi Survivor!

Long story short, it is a game-breaking bug that doesn’t let you get Bounty Mission from Caij, or even so, sometimes you can’t simply Talk to Caij in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. In both cases, you can’t complete the Bounty Mission for the reward.

The simplest way to fix this issue is to redo the same stuff. But this time makes sure you are doing everything as it should be done.

In case you are a victim of the Bounty Mission Softlock Bug in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. You can just wait for a patch that resolves this issue.

In the EA forum, it is mentioned and responded by the developers that they are aware of this glitch in the game. You won’t get getting Bounty Hunting missions from Caij because you can’t speak to her or the Bounty Hunter isn’t spawning in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Can't Talk to Caij in Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Caij Bounty Bug


If you Can’t Talk to Caij in Star Wars Jedi Survivor it is basically because of the Caij Bounty bug. The developers are focusing mostly on the larger issues at hand and ignoring this one because you can potentially play the game. There are some who can’t even do that. You can try to backtrack the bounties and make sure you didn’t miss a spot, but that is highly unlikely because the EA Forums, Steam, and Reddit Discussions are going wild due to this bug.

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