Why Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina got canceled by Netflix?

Why Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina got canceled by Netflix?

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina was released back in 2018. It released shortly after the release of Riverdale. Both Riverdale and the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina are based on Archie comics. Riverdale, despite many negative comments, is still going strong. But, spinoff shows like Katy Keene and the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina are canceled by Netflix The show will have it’s final season on Netflix soon. Fans are not happy with the news. Kiernan Shipka is also quite unhappy.

Things are not going well for the showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, he was quite upset by the cancelation of Riverdale spin-off “Katy Keene” and now the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina has been canceled as well.

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Why Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina got canceled by Netflix?

Why Netflix canceled Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

The show had a good start. A lot of people watched the show. But it might have lost a lot of audience after Part 2. Part 3 of the show was sluggish and complicated.

Another reason the show must have been canceled is that Netflix ‘s financial issues. It is one of the best streaming services right now. But, there are many projects which have lost their appeal and they might be a burden on Netflix. They can not continue a show for decades. It makes room for more diverse TV shows.

Why Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina got canceled by Netflix?

The show lost its appeal

Season one of the show was good. Everyone talked about the show back then and Kiernan Shipka got a lot of fame because of this show. But, as time passed the show lost its appeal. It still has the same format. Sabrina saves the day and her urge to become a normal teenager.

What Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa about the cancelation of the show:

He said this during a interview;

“Working on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been an incredible honor from day one. The cast, beginning with Kiernan as everyone’s favorite teen witch, has been an absolute joy. I am beyond thankful to the crew, writers, editors, assistants, and everyone for pouring so much love into this dark dream of a show, ”

However, he seemed optimistic about the final part of the series.

“I’m also grateful to our partners at Netflix, Warner Bros., Berlanti Television and Archie Comics for letting us tell the story we wanted to tell, the way we wanted to tell it. We can’t wait for everyone to see part four.” 

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Season 4 Plot

Part four of the series will release this year. It is going to be quite a thrilling season. In season 3 we saw how Sabrina saved the day again. But, Sabrina might have done something wrong this time. She sent her past-self from the past to hell and this might disturb the balance.

However, she has to act quickly to dodge the consequences of her action. She took that action to save her family from Caliban ( son of the hell) and the travelers. She traveled back in the time to undone the damage.

Queen of hell

Sabrina despite being the Queen of hell. She wants to be a normal teenager but things do not seem in her favor this time. Would she accept her crown of hell this time?

Release date

Netflix is planning to release the last season this year. It might release in October.

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