Chilling Adventures of Sabrina SEason 4

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Teaser and Release Date Revealed

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina has been canceled by Netflix. Even though the show has a huge fan following and it even won the hearts of critics. The show released in 2018 and instantly became a fan favorite. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a spin-off of the Archie comics of the same name. However, thankfully Netflix is going to give us one last season of the show. Season 4 of the show will be the last and final season of the series.

However, the creator of the show, Aguirre-Sacasa always wanted a Riverdale/ Chilling adventure of Sabrina cross-over. But, due to the change of plans, we are getting a final season with 8 episodes. Fans were excited about a Riverdale crossover. But, now the show is ending a cross-over is not possible. However, we might see something special in this part as it is the final season. It is hard to tell what would have happened in a Riverdale/Greendale crossover but it could have been epic.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 Release Date

The series is going to be released on December 31, 2020. However, the previous seasons released in October. However, they are not going to release season 4 of the show in Halloween season due to the corona-virus.


Sabrina Spellman along with her family and friends will save the day again. Sabrina and her aunties will have to face Eldritch Terrors. The show has gotten darker since its season one. Sabrina’s urge to live a normal life like a teenager rather than the queen of hell has cost her a lot. However, she would have to face the last enemy to protect Greendale as well.

The official Netflix synposis is this on the website;

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina reimagines the origin and adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a dark coming-of-age story that traffics in horror, the occult, and, of course, witchcraft. Over the course of Part 4’s eight episodes, The Eldritch Terrors will descend upon Greendale. The coven must fight each terrifying threat one-by-one (The Weird, The Returned, The Darkness to name a few), all leading up to…The Void, which is the End of All Things. As the witches wage war, with the help of The Fright Club, Nick begins to slowly earn his way back into Sabrina’s heart, but will it be too late?

However, we will also see what will happen between Nick and Sabrina? they drifted apart in season 3 of the show and their relationship became complicated due to Nick’s behavior towards Sabrina.

Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 4 has been released. It was released a day ago on YouTube. However, after the cancellation date of the show, fans were waiting for season 4 of the show. The teaser looks full spooky. Sabrina Spellman is returning with her friends and even nemesis Prudence to fight Eldritch Terrors. However, father blackwood was not seen in the teaser. It is hard to tell which characters will be coming back and what will happen in the 8 episodes a long season.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.