Chris Evans is not returning for Captain America 4

Chris Evans is not returning for Captain America 4

Chris Evans departed from Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2018. But, there are rumors on the Internet that he might come back for Captain America 4. The creator and head writer of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is writing the script for the upcoming movie. However, Disney is quite about the return of Chris Evans. Chris is done with Captain America. He has hinted in many interviews that he is not coming back anytime soon to play Steve Rogers.

Chris Evans showed his fear of laying the role in the past. He has agreed on multiple occasions that paying Captin America is a tough job. He is interested in playing other versatile roles. It is hard to say anything about Chris’s return. Sebastian Stan, who plays Bucky in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier said this during an interview:

“Anything is possible, right?” he says. “I saw he tweeted something about it. So, I don’t know. I feel like usually, he knows what to say in those things, so I didn’t know what to make of it. And I truly don’t have any intel on that. I feel like you can’t even think of the words ‘Captain America’ without thinking about Chris Evans. He’s done such an amazing job with it, and I feel like he’s always going to have this presence. And he has a presence in our show.

Captain America 4

In the movie, Captain America chose Sam Wilson for his shield. So, it seems like Sam Wilson might become the new Captain America. Anthony Mackie said this during an interview when asked if he knows anything about Chris Evan’s return:

“I was actually fishing when the report came out. When I came back in to get some shrimp, the dude at the dock was like, ‘Hey, man! Did you see this s—?!.. I’ve been going to the same guy to get my bait for like 20 years and all of a sudden now he’s a fan. He had no idea who I was. Now he’s a fan.”

“Marvel’s so secretive, and it’s so ridiculous about what we know and what we don’t know,” he adds. “I have no idea. The dude at the dock selling me shrimp knows more about what’s going on with Marvel than I do.”

Captain America 4 Release Date

There is no news about the release date of Captain America 4 yet. Disney+ just finished The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. So, it is hard to say anything about the release date of the 4th installment of the movie yet.

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