Christian Bale Batman May Cameo In The Flash Movie

Christian Bale Batman May Cameo In The Flash Movie

The flash Movie 2022 is going to be the biggest project for DC. It can revolutionize and change the complete future of the DC universe. MCU has been winning at the box office for a while now. MCU is expanding with newer projects and new characters. However, DC is planning to do the same. They are going to do it with the upcoming flash movie. The Flash Movie will be the biggest DCEU movie in 2022. The Batman is hoing to be released next year. After Robert Pattinson’s COVID news, fans were worried but it seems like we will get the movie next year. But, The Flash movie is going to be released in 2022 and we can not wait for it anymore. It is going to introduce with a completely new DC universe. However, since the news has released that we are going to see two versions of Batman in the movie and many other DC characters, fans are excited. They are also wondering if Christian Bale would be returning to play his one of the best roles.

According to the Wegotthiscovered source, Christian Bale is going to be in the movie if only Christopher Nolan gives him his blessings.

Christian Bale Batman May Cameo In The Flash Movie

Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale have a good relationship even though the Dark Knight rises star left the DC world and the character to explore other opportunities. But, now that Micahel Keaton and Ben Affleck both of them are returning in the upcoming movie, fans are questioning if Christian Bale would be up for it?

There are some sources who are claiming that Christian Bale would love to be part of the upcoming project if only Christopher Nolan approves it. A few weeks ago in an interview, Christopher Nolan praised Robert Pattinson for playing Batman in the upcoming movie. He seemed impressed and is excited about the actor. However, he would be quite happy for Christian Bale if he decides to appear in the project.

Keaton might not return

There are rumors that Micahel Keaton might not return for his iconic role. He still has to confirm the news. However, if he refuses to return then surely Christian Bale is going to play his version of Batman. There is no official statement yet. However, Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen is also going to be in the movie. They are going to give is a ride in a multi-universe where we are going to see different characters and stories.

Collaboration with MCU

MCU is winning at the box office. All the MCU movies are big hits. However, if the Flash movie becomes successful, it might open the door for new projects. There are rumors of DC collaborating with MCU. It is quite hard to imagine. There is tough competition between both of them. It is hard to imagine a cross-over. But in the end, if fans want that then both of the studios will make it a reality. It will be a dream come true for comic-fans.

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