13 Reasons Why Star Christian Navarro Wants To Play DC's Blue Beetle

13 Reasons Why Star Christian Navarro Wants To Play DC’s Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle, also known as Jaime Reyes, is a DC Superhero who bonded with Dan Garrett’s Scarab. It is an alien entity that is designed to bond with a living being. There are three Blue Beetles in the DC Comics, Dan Garrett, Ted Kord, and Jamie Reyes. The scarab was passed on to Jamie Reyes, who is the current Blue Beetle. Jamie Reyes’s Blue Beetle also appeared in the animated series “Young Justice” and in the animated movie “Justice League vs Teen Titans”. The scarab provides alien armor and special abilities. However, the scarab is an alien entity, so it can think, talk, and even take over.

Christian Navarro Wants To Play Blue Beetle

Christian Navarro, 28 years old American actor, well known for playing Tony Padilla in the Netflix’s most controversial series 13 Reasons Why. He wants to play Blue Beetle in the upcoming DC Projects on HBO Max. He said on Twitter:

The only role I want. LatinX is the largest group of moviegoers. We deserve a superhero of our own. Jaime Reyes is that superhero, and there isn’t a soul alive better equipped to bring him to life than me. @hbomax@HBO@DCComics@ray8fisher what do you say, #BORGandtheBEETLE

Christian Navarro claims there is no one else that can play Blue Beetle better than him. However, some fans said he can’t play the role because he is not mexican.

I became an actor so I could play CHARACTERS not be confined by the color of my skin or the island my grandparents came from.

He is also famous for his role in HBO series Vinyl and Can You Ever Forgive Me movie. At the DC Fandome, it will be revealed whether DC is planning to do a live-action Blue Beetle project.

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