Cillian Murphy and Emma Watson in Doctor Strange 2.

Cillian Murphy and Emma Watson both are rumored to be part of the new Doctor Strange movie. The Doctor Strange 2 is going to release in 2021. But due to the Coronavirus, many MCU movies have been postponed and movies like Spiderman 3 and Thor: Love and thunder, both the movies have stopped their shooting and production for now.

MCU and Disney are my taking any chances which might jeopardize their chances of earning well at the box office.

But, it does not mean they have stopped searching the perfect cast. They are including many good actors in this project. The recent rumor is about Cillian Murphy and Emma Watson is in the project. There is no official news related to this but many sources are pointing towards the possibility.

Doctor Strange 2 Release Date

Fans are getting excited about this possible collaboration with actors. They have high hopes with this sequel.

Cillian Murphy and Emma Watson Role

The main question is what are the roles hey will be laying if they are in the movie? Cillian Murphy is famous for his roles in the movie like Inception, The Batman(scarecrow) and BBC series “Peaky Blinders”. However, he is also going to play a lead role in the sequel of “A quiet place”.

There are certain rumors that he might play the time of Nightmare. Nightmare is an MCU comics character that appeared in the Strange issue number #110 and was the enemy of doctor strange and Ghost rider. Nightmare character was created by late Stan Lee along with his other co-workers. It makes sense why they want to bring this iconic and special character from comics to the big screens.

Now Emma Wastin is going to play the role of Doctor Strange’s girlfriend or possible wife. She is going to play the role of a sorcerer.

They are going to include more characters and actors in the movie.

Release date of Doctor Strange 2

We will see Doctor Strange 2 in the cinemas next year (2021) on May 7 but dates can be changed due to the Covid-19. However, there are no official statements yet.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.