Clay Jensen Alter Ego

Clay Jensen Alter Ego in 13 Reasons Why Final Season

So, finally 13 Reasons Why comes to an end with its fourth and final season. I pretty much binge-watched the whole season, and now I am done with it. I’ve mixed reviews on the latest season, but actually this season was better than the last one. The plot was interesting, like Clay Jensen Alter Ego.

The latest season starts with the usual plot, a funeral is shown in the first episode, but they don’t mention who’s funeral. Afterward, they show the funeral was a time-lapse of six months. The real story begins with Clay sweating on his bed, which shows how messed up he is right now. Just like in season 2, he used to hallucinate Hannah Baker, he starts hallucinating again, but this time it’s Monty. The police department calls Tyler for a statement on the guns that were found in the bag he purchased. Clay took him to the station however, he didn’t go inside with him. After Tyler comes back, Clay figures out something happened inside the station which Tyler is hiding. So the crew gathers up to think and talk about the situation. Zach, however, says let’s go with the flow because they can’t do anything anyway.

After the murder of Bryce Walker, and the guns that were found, the school took some steps for the safety of the students. Cameras were installed in every corner of the school. Winston joins the Liberty High School to find out what really happened and to prove Monty is innocent because he was with Monty at the time of the murder of Bryce. Clay’s new therapist was introduced too, which Dylan told in his interview.

Clay Jensen Alter Ego in 13 Reasons Why Final Season


The students are finally going to graduate this year so they are preparing for college as well, filing forms and stuff. Someone paints a graffiti saying “Monty was framed” and then throws the paint bottle towards Clay on the bus during a school trip to a college. The crew, at first suspects Tyler, then they start suspecting it was Winston. Also, clay’s locker was open, which Anni thought Winston would have opened, however only clay knew the lock pass.

His arrival at Liberty changed things for Clay and his crew. Zach was on the edge anyway, he was trying to be cool and pretending that nothing happened. Justin was hiding stuff and broke up with Jessica. Winston starts bonding with Alex during the trip to the college. He was interested in finding out who murdered Bryce Walker. At that time, Alex didn’t know that Winston is the alibi of Monty. Alex actually starts dating Winston but breaks up as soon as Clay tells him that he is Monty’s alibi.

Zach and Alex Brotherly Bond

13 Reasons Why fans were waiting for this, and always waited for it. Zach and Alex brotherly bond. From season 1, we knew they both cared for each other Zach always helped Alex, and Alex always helped Bryce, but this season it was different. Zach made Alex loosen up a little, however, Alex not knowing his sexuality or what this is with Zach ends up kissing him. Zach clears that he is not interested in guys but he cares for him.

They both plenty of screen time, Zach saved Alex from drowning during the camping trip, and also saved him from falling from the roof. Zach turned into a risk-taker.

During the riot, the police vs students, Zach and Alex were the only students inside the school they ruined the school together from the inside and actually had fun like best friends. Their bond is unbreakable and fans actually started calling them Batman and Robin. Alex was behind the murder of Bryce Walker, so plenty of times he wanted to save everyone who was fighting for him. In the end he confessed to Winston, but Winston started to care for him so he didn’t say a word at the end.

Zach blames himself for the death of Bryce Walker, so he challenges all the players and gets beaten up by Diego to reduce the guilt he is feeling inside. Zach and Alex are similar in many ways, they both suffered a lot because of Bryce Walker. However, I was really looking forward to Bryce and Chloe’s endgame.

Zach and Alex Brotherly Bond

Clay Jensen Alter Ego

Clay Jensen Alter Ego, the storyline was the most amazing. He was shown weak and fragile in all the previous seasons and it was finally time for Clay Jensen to rise. In the first episode of the season, we saw Clay losing himself, but no one was expecting this plot. Diego and other players pulled a prank on Clay which made him cry. During the Camping trip, the players try to prank again, but this time the exact opposite happens. For the treasure hunt, everyone had to choose a partner, Clay’s partner was Justin, who ends up getting captured by the players. The football teams then go where they hid Clay, but Clay was not there, and we hear “Revenge”. Also, the clay’s voiceover says “It’d be cool if someone messed with the football team instead”. Clay locks them all in a room along with Justin, charlie and Jessica.

Clay Jensen Alter Ego traps the football team in a cabin

Clay Jensen Alter Ego scared the football team, Diego believed it was Clay because no one would be that crazy? He then wakes up in a well, holding all the treasure bags. After his random walking and disappearing, his parents do a random drug test which turns out to be positive, which ends up with him being grounded along with Justin.

Clay Jensen Alter Ego is Clay’s Dark Side

Clay’s situation gets worse day by day, he then starts hallucinating Bryce Walker as well. A situation occurs at the school which causes the school to lockdown, which later was revealed that it was the drill. Clay and other students were terrified during this, but Clay goes out when everyone was advised to stay and hide. He goes out to protect others and ends up finding that it was all for the safety of the students. Clay then starts yelling and screaming in front of the police and principal. One of the police officers tries to restrain him, he pulls out the Police officer’s gun and starts scaring them, which results in, an officer beating him. He was then admitted to the hospital, which he escapes.

All the secrets he has been keeping for his friends resulted in an Alter Ego of Clay Jensen. After clay loses his virginity, Zach and Clay celebrates it in Zach’s car which Clay Jensen Alter Ego wrecks in the end and leaves Zach behind in an injured situation. Zach then tells Clay that he was not himself at that time, Clay was not scared.

Justin’s Death

Prom’s episode was pretty good, Jessica and Justin finally patch up, Zach brings an escort to the Prom, Alex, and Charlie finally public their relationship. However, during the dance with Jessica, Justin falls. He is then taken to a hospital where he can’t breathe and ends up on a Ventilator. Zach couldn’t bring himself to visit him while Jessica never leaves him. Zach keeps on drinking, Clay Jensen Alter Ego appears again and then he goes to the Police station and claims that he has a gun, showing that he blames Police for Justin’s condition. He then realizes that the whole department really cares for Clay that they know Clay suffered a lot during his high school time.

Justin, then finally dies and the funeral that was shown in the first episode was revealed to be of Justin Foley. It was really sad because we were not expecting it to be Justin, he was turning out to be the good son.


My reviews are honestly in the middle, it was not so good, not so bad either. However, they did leave us with many cliffhangers, like is Clay really recovered? We may see it in the 13 Reasons Why Spinoff which is expected.

Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios.
When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games

Masab Farooque
Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios. When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games