Kiernan Shipka and Cole Sprouse ”Blood Ties” Plot, Cast and Release Date

Kiernan Shipka and Cole Sprouse ”Blood Ties” Plot, Cast and Release Date

Kiernan Shipka is going to appear on the big screens with Cole Sprouse. Cole and Kiernan Shipka both appeared in the series based on Archie Comics. Shipka is famous for the Netflix series “Chilling adventure of the Sabrina” and Cole is famous for appearing in Riverdale. Blood ties is a movie filled with a lot of thrill. The movie is based on true events. This case got a lot of fame back in the ’80s. However, short documentaries were also made on this strange murder case. It took several years to solve that mystery. Kiernan Shipka and Cole Sprouse are both going to play the role of a teenage couple in “Blood Ties”. Fans are excited to see both of them in negative roles together.

What is Blood Ties about?

The film is actually based on an article by Nathan Geller. The incident received a lot of attention in 1985. Nathan Geller uncovered all the details about the incident. The article was about Nancy and Derek Haysome’s murder. Their murder left people shocked. However, police wanted to interrogate both of them But, before the police could do something, they ran to Germany.

They instantly became wanted in Europe and America. Their gruesome crime left a lot of people scared and shocked. Detective Reese Rezek was obsessed with the case. The case was solved after six years making it sensational in both Germany and America.

Kiernan Shipka and Cole Sprouse ”Blood Ties” Plot, Cast and Release Date
The real Elizabeth Haysom and Jens.

Blood Ties Cast

There is nothing much revealed about the cast of the movie yet. But, we do know that Cole and Kiernan will play the killer duo. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is famous for her role in the Black mirror. She will be part of the movie as well. Fans are excited for both of them. Cole recently broke up from his girlfriend of three years Lili. Cole is in the news these days and has got many projects under his belt. Kiernan had a tough time this year as she was quite saddened by the news of the Chilling adventure of Sabrina’s cancellation. However, there is going to be a final season. However, this means that we are going to see her new roles.

Release Date

It is too early to say anything about the release date of the movie. However, the movie is all planned to be released next year at the Toronto film festival. The shooting of the movie will start soon. It is finally refreshing for fans to see Cole Sprouse in a new project rather than Riverdale. The film will not release before 2021. It might take more time than this due to the corona-virus pandemic.

Director and Writer

Aaron Katz will be the writer and director of the upcoming movie. He is quite excited about the project. Fred Breger will be the producer of the movie. He is known for producing La La land back in 2016. The movie received a lot of positive reviews and also did well at the box office. But, we might get the movie sooner than that.

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