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Riverdale Cole Sprouse To Star In HBO Max Rom-Com “Moonshot”

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Netflix’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Lana Condor is excited to work with Cole Sprouse. The news was revealed recently. Fans are excited to see both of them together in the HBO Max “Moonshot”. According to Deadline, the movie is going to be a mix of sci-fi and Rom-Com. Moonshot is about two college students. Both Lana Condor and Cole Sprouse have done projects with Netflix. Cole is famous for CW’s “Riverdale”.He also got a lot of positive reviews for the movie “Five Feet Apart“. Lana Condor is well-known for “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and its sequels”. However, HBO Max is a tough competition for Netflix. It is exciting to see both of them working with a new platform.

Cole Sprouse is excited about the new projects. He has signed a new deal with Lionsgate after five feet apart became a huge success. He is going to develop a new project with them. Cole said this during the interview;

“I’m a huge fan of Joe Drake, Nathan Kahane, Erin Westerman, and the entire team at Lionsgate. “They’ve taken a front seat in the cultivation of my career, and I’m grateful for that confidence and belief. Lionsgate has been incredibly receptive to what I want to accomplish as a young filmmaker, and I’m comforted to be teaming up with a group of like-minded creatives as we navigate those waters.”

Riverdale Cole Sprouse To Star In HBO Max Rom-Com "Moonshot"

Moonshot Plot

The plot of Moonshot is quite interesting and unique. According to deadline, the plot synopsis is:

“Set in a future where Mars is terraformed and colonized by the best humanity has to offer, two very different college students wind up joining forces and sneak onboard a space shuttle to the red planet in order to be united with their significant others,”

However, nothing else is revealed about the Moonshot. It is still quite early to say anything about the plot and release date of the movie yet. However, Cole Sprouse broke the news of the upcoming movie on his Instagram account. He wrote this in an Instagram post:

“I’m the last person you want to be trapped on a spacecraft with. The timeless [Lana Condor] and I are making a movie on Mars… or at least Atlanta. Very excited to be working with Christopher Winterbauer, Sarah Schechter, Greg Berlanti, and HBO Max,”

Release Date

It is hard to say anything about the release date of Moonshot yet. However, there is a possibility it will release in late 2021.

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