Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Riverdale Star Cole Sprouse Turns Out Fake

Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Riverdale Star Cole Sprouse Turns Out Fake

Riverdale Star, Cole Sprouse was accused of sexual assault by an account named “Victoria” on Twitter. This happened right after Justin Bieber and Ansel Elgort were accused of the same act. A new viral hashtag is going on Twitter #speakingout. However, some people are using it to accuse celebrities on Twitter by making new profiles and misusing the hashtag to defame the celebrities. Eight hours ago, a Twitter thread was made against Cole Sprouse.

We won’t be uploading the whole thread, you can read it by opening it. This new trend is helping girls speak up about their past and expose the people who did wrong to them. However, this “Victoria” profile was made today for the sole purpose to accuse Cole Sprouse. It is indeed suspicious, why not speak up from your real account so others can fact check it? While some people are blaming Cole, his fans are defending him.

I’m sorry but I don’t believe this one. Cole legit defended multiple girls from guys who wanted to assault them and his friends who we can actually trust confirmed that. You just want clout. You made the account today, you have no profile picture and never tweeted before today.

Cole Sprouse and Other Riverdale Cast

Other cast members of Riverdale were also accused by different accounts on Twitter. However, a fan later revealed that those accounts were actually made by one person. The IP Address matched.

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