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How to Complete the Fractured Resolve Force Tear In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Wondering how to complete the Fractured Resolve Force Tear in Star Wars Jedi Survivor? You’ve come to the right place. With this detailed step-by-step guide, you’ll beat this puzzle in no time.

How to Complete the Fractured Resolve Force Tear In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

How to Complete the Fractured Resolve Force Tear 

Locate the Force Tear

The Fractured Resolve Force Tear is the game’s first Force Tear. It’s located in the Rambler’s Reach Region’s Swindler’s Wash zone. To get to it, head straight from the Swindler’s Wash Meditation Point. Then jump off to the ravine’s lowest level. 

Follow the ravine water upstream until you reach a ledge with a waterfall in front. The Force Tear entrance is in a small cave behind this waterfall. Jump into the cave and look for a glowing purple orb. Interact with it to start the challenge.

Clear the First Set of Platforms

You’ll see a set of platforms from your starting point. Keep to the left as you jump on these. The white and red halves of the approaching force field will switch sides with each jump. Time your jumps to keep the safe white side on the left. You can also double jump in midair to avoid the red field hitting you. 

Once the white field passes through you, continue jumping across the platforms. Jumping before the white field is completely through results in instantaneous death.

Clear the Next Set of Unstable Platforms 

The next set of platforms will be on the right and unstable. They start breaking moments after you step on them, so you’ve got to be fast. Clear them in the same way as the first set, keeping the white field on the same side as your character. Then hop up a small set of steps to get to the final set of platforms.

Clear the Final Set of Platforms 

This part is a bit tricky. It consists of four sets of platforms on each side, with a shared second platform. Only the first platform of each set is stable. To play this part safe, wait on the stable platform until the white field passes. Otherwise, quickly single jump between platforms. Then time the final jump onto the sloped surface so you’re on the field’s white side.

Slide Down Some Slopes

Next is a set of slopes. Double jump between them to slow your forward momentum and keep the white field on your side. Line your last slope with the field’s unsafe side. Your final jump will switch the fields so you won’t get hit at the very end.

Collect Your Reward 

Collect your reward from the pedestal on the final platform. This will complete the Force Tear and turn its entrance Gold.


To complete the Fractured Resolve Force Tear in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you must locate the Tear and beat the associated challenge. We hope this guide makes you confident in your success. That said, happy gaming!

Areeba Khan is a part-time gaming writer on The Panther Tech.