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Control Z: New Netflix Show Based On Hacking

A Mexican series “Control Z” that is based on hacking and teen-drama is coming to Netflix this month. On 11th May, the trailer of Control Z was released which showed us that this series is based on high-tech, society and high-school secrets. The series is pretty similar to Black Mirror on Netflix.

The series is based on an unknown hacker, who starts leaking secrets of students of a high school and the only way to protect yourself is to betray a friend. A social outcast girl, Sofia works alone to reveal the identity of the hacker.

There’s a hacker behind this

In her journey, she will make new friends and will investigate this case with her friends.


Role of Sofia is played by Ana Valeria Becerril, a mexican actress. Regina is played by Ariana Saavedra, Pablo is played by Andres Baida. Natalia is played by Macarena García. Javier is played by Michael Ronda.

Control Z: A Netflix Show Based On Hacking

Release Date of Control Z

Control Z will release on Netflix on 22nd May, 2020. A dark hacker is destroying High-School students lives. Watch how Sofia is going to save the other students from the hacker and reveal the identity of the hacker. There is not much on the Series, Netflix wants to keep us in the dark. No news about the number of episodes yet either.

From trailer, the series seems interesting, Another Spanish series “Elite” was pretty intense and dark too. Fans loved it.

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