Chinese Coronavirus Second Wave

Coronavirus: Second Wave in Beijing

The Chinese government has imposed a strict lockdown in Beijing after the Coronavirus outbreak in Beijing. There are about 7,812,145 cases worldwide and over 430,230 deaths. The pandemic origin was Wuhan, China. At first, China suffered a lot, but they managed to stop the spread. After two months, authorities locked down parts of Beijing to prevent the spread. According to BBC, 45 people out of 517 test results were positive who were present at the Xinfadi market. However, they are not displaying any symptoms. Authorities claim that they will test 10,000 market staff.

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China managed to save lives and prevented the spread by imposing lockdown in Wuhan back in 2019. China now has 83,075 total number of cases and 4,634 deaths till now. Average of 10-15 cases were seen daily now. While China fears a second wave of Coronavirus, countries like India, Pakistan, the USA, Spain, Russia are still struggling with the first. In India, about 6,000-10,000 cases are popping up daily. The USA is on number 1 having 2,130,281 total cases and over 117,140 deaths. New Zealand managed to eradicate Covid-19 from their country.

We are confident we have eliminated the transmission of the virus in New Zealand for now, but elimination is not a point in time, it is a sustained effort.

China also managed to bring the Coronavirus outbreak under control. After 50 days, new confirmed cases popped up in Beijing, China. The Xinfadi market is now shut down after the outbreak.

In accordance with the principle of putting the safety of the masses and health first, we have adopted lockdown measures for the Xinfadi market and surrounding neighborhoods

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