Top 5 Most Funny Quotes Of Damon Salvatore In TVD

Top 5 Most Funny Quotes Of Damon Salvatore In TVD

The Vampire Diaries is a teen-supernatural drama that started airing back in 2009 on CW. The show ended three years ago in 2017. It has a huge audience because of its cast. Ian Somerhalder played the role of Damon Salvatore. He played the role of Damon like he was born for this role.

The main reason for the fame of the show is Damon Salvatore, a 178-year-old vampire. He was a major antagonist in the start of the show. He is considered to be the best character of The Vampire Diaries because of his dark and funny character. Damon was always fun to watch and is a fan-favorite. Ian Somerhalder has a huge fan following because of this role. He was in love with the doppelganger of his ex Katherine Pierce, who actually turned him into a vampire. We are going to discuss some funny quotes/moments of Damon Salvatore.

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Funny Twilight Reference

What’s So Special About This Bella Girl?

In the first season of The Vampire Diaries, Damon is reading Twilight Series. Twilight actually made The Vampire Diaries famous. The twilight movie was released back in 2018. It was also based on Vampires and Werewolves. At this moment he is with Caroline, he says to her “What’s so special about this Bella girl? Edward’s is so whipped”. Caroline says “You need to read the first book to understand this”. She also says “Why don’t you sparkle like Edward?”. Damon Says “I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun.”

Caroline was compelled in the first season by Damon Salvatore. She was compelled to lie for him. He was feeding on Caroline’s blood. However, Caroline was turned into a vampire by Katherine, not technically Katherine. Katherine killed her when she had Damon’s vampire blood in her system.

1Most Funny Quotes Of Damon Salvatore In TVD

Katherine, there are six other bedrooms in this house

There are six other bedrooms in this house. Go find one.

In Season 2, after they daggered Elijah, the compulsion broke which was keeping Katherine in the tomb.

“When we killed Elijah, it broke the compulsion and freed the b!tch from the tomb.”

Damon was reading Jonathan Gilbert’s journal and Katherine was sitting next to him. She was trying to seduce Damon and he let her think that he is into it and suddenly he said: “Go Find one”.

When I Kill Someone They Are Suppose To Stay Dead

In The Vampire Diaries Season 3, dead were resurrected and Mason Lockwood returned, as Damon was the one who killed him. Masom chained him to a chair just like he did, and shoved a hot poker in Damon’s chest.

He was passing by and said to Bonnie and the group:

Greetings blondie! I think you got your voodo wires all crossed when you got rid of Vicki Donovan.

On this Bonnie said “What do you mean, why?” On this Damon said: He is pretty sure he got Spit-roasted by Mason Lockwood. After this he said:

When I Kill Someone They Are Suppose To Stay Dead

2Most Funny Quotes Of Damon Salvatore In TVD

If I Have To Hear Doppelganger One More Time, I am Going To Have To Learn How To Spell It.

In The Vampire Diaries Season 5, it is revealed that Stefan is the doppelganger of Silas. Just like Elena Gilbert is the Doppelganger of Katherine Pierce. The show introduced many doppelgangers and Nina Dobrev played them like she was meant for the role. She played the role of Tatia, Amara, Katherine Pierce, and Elena Gilbert. Paul Wesley also played the role of Silas pretty well. Ian Somerhalder said that the world Doppelganger is basically on every page of the scripts.

3 Most Funny Quotes Of Damon Salvatore In TVD

Dear Diary A Chipmunk Asked Me My Name Today

In Season 3, when Stefan Salvatore is writing in his diary. Damon sarcastically says this

“Dear Diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today. I told him it was Joe. That lie will haunt me forever.”

Stefan and Elena both had the habit of writing in their diary about what happened, the events, etc.

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