Dangerous Lies_ Camila Mendes New Netflix Movie.

Dangerous Lies: Camila Mendes New Netflix Movie.

Netflix is providing its users with good thrilling and horror constant with the series like Dark and Ozark are quite famous among the users of Netflix. However, Netflix is going to release another thrilling flick for the audience. It seems like we are going to get a lot of stuff from Netflix these days. A lot of projects are delayed because of the pandemic. Dangerous lies will be available on Netflix in a few days.

Movies like 6 Underground and Extraction featuring Chris Hemsworth have been quite famous on Netflix. With the recent outbreak of coronavirus many countries are practicing strong lockdown all around the globe. Netflix is about to release a lot of stuff this month.

People have high expectations for the upcoming project. Camila Mendes herself is quite excited about her recent project. Camila is quite famous for appearing in Riverdale as Veronica. She has done many projects since then. She has also appeared on the perfect date along with Noah Centineo.

Netflix’s White Lines by Alex Pina, creator of Money Heist


The plot of the movie looks interesting. Camila Mendes is playing the role of Katie Franklin who took the job of taking care of an old man living in Chicago named Leonard. They become good friends, and their bond becomes so strong that when the man dies he declares her as the sole heir of the vast estate he leaves behind.

Katie Franklin and her husband soon move into the house and become happy with the new lifestyle. Soon they are accused of murdering Leonard making Katie suspicious of her own husband.

The plot looks simple and quite obvious but fans are actually excited to see Camila in a new project rather than Riverdale. It is a good start for her.

There are many projects and movies like this already available like Knives out. But who knows the movie would turn out to be different than our expectations.

Dangerous Lies Trailer

The trailer of the movie released two weeks ago and since has 1 million views. You can see the trailer in the link down below.

The cast of Dangerous Lies

Camila is going to play Katie Franklin. Jessie Usher who is famous for appearing in the Amazon-produced series The boys are going to play the role of the husband of Katie.

Elliot Gould is going to play the role of Leonard who also appeared on the series Friends as Jack Geller as well. Cam Gigandet is going to play the role of an investigator he infamous for appearing in movies like Easy A and Burlesque.

Release Date

The movie is going to be released on April 30 all around the globe on Netflix. Time of release may vary from country to country.

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