Dark Facts about SITCOM FRIENDS.

Friends released in 1994. It ran for 10 years and was one of the most famous running SITCOM in the history of American TV. The show has a special and magical effect that bounded the viewers for more than a decade. It made the whole cast in giant actors with fat bank accounts.

The actors had to obey certain rules in order to be on the show.

But the show has some of the Darkest facts they could not hide. The triggering story of the characters. Sexual and Racist comments. Today we will break down everything viewers though was wrong with the SITCOM Friends.

Chandler is Sadist and Depressed: Character on FRIENDS:

Chandler Bing is one of the famous and loved characters on the show. People like his funny humor and everybody laughs at his jokes but there is something dark about his Humor.

He is always sarcastic. we have never seen him answering a question with serious tendencies.

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Making Mental illness look Cool:

His parents are divorced and chandler has been disturbed by this fact his whole life. Even on the show, he said Sarcasm is his Defense mechanism. But the show just being so cool with this fact and joking about it is quite shaming.

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Matthew Perry’s Troubled life Background.

It’s not only the Jokes on mental illness it’s the poor lifestyle of Matthew Perry that affected the character of Chandler as well.

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Matthew Perry was fighting with Addiction and was getting treatment for his addiction during the time of the show.

Matthew Perry said this to The Hollywood Reporter in an interview,

I’m a pretty private person, but I was on a TV show that 30 million people were watching. So people knew. It was so public what was happening to me.”

It was clear that Matthew Perry was not in a happy place when the show started

Weight Gain:

Matthey Perry also gained a lot of weight after the friends shooting ended. He described it as a healthy change in his life. Matthew was seen skinny in season 3 of Friends.

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Ross’s Comments on Homo Marriage of her wife in Friends

FRIENDS is one of the shows which are watched by people all around the globe. People of all kinds of sexuality watch this show. But Ross’s disturbing comments about his wife’s marriage make it triggering to watch.

Ross was married to Carol on the show. They also had a baby together. But carol went ahead and married Susan in the show.

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Ross continuously made hating comments about. Susan and showed his distress in her wife’s marriage.

however, to some people, it might not be the biggest problem when it comes to the show but it is quite triggering for some people.

Both Monica and Courtney Cox, the actress who played Monica, faced body shaming and insecurities.

Monica is one of the beautiful female leads in the show FRIENDS. All the FRIENDS cast is beautiful and dashing. Nio doubt they spent a lot of time to look fit to play the roles.

Monica which was played by the beautiful actor Courtney Cox. Cox also admitted that she went through some difficulties to look beautiful for the show as it got a lot of attention. She got lip fillers to look perfect and beautiful. She said that in an interview.

“I’ve had all my fillers dissolved. I’m as natural as I can be.”She added, “I feel better because I look like myself. I think that I now look more like the person I was.”

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It’s not only in real life where went through a dark place. Her character also suffered from weight loss and body shaming.

Monica was seemed ashamed of her weight and her looks in the past. However, it may be a little triggering for the people who are suffering from weight problems.

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As The Budget Got Higher They Drifted Apart:

As the budget of the show increased they drifted apart from each other. The FRIENDS became one of the most famous shows in the world. The finale of the show was watched by 52 million people worldwide on TV which is a big number.

But as the budget of the show got higher, they started to drift apart from each other. Money and fame is not an easy thing to tackle.

The beautiful actress who played Janice on the show friends opened up in an interview with Digital Spy, how fame and money changed our Favorite cast of FRIENDS.

It did change quite a lot as the show progressed, the stages got bigger, the dressing rooms got nicer and from the first season when everybody spent every spare moment together.”

She continued:

“By several seasons down the line every time you took a break from rehearsing, people scattered to their dressing rooms where they were taking calls and speaking to managers and agents and things were happening all the time. There was very little downtime. So it went from a beautiful beginning, an innocent period where there was a lot of downtimes, to that acceleration of fame where there was very little downtime.”

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Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.