DC FanDome: How to Attend And What To Expect From Virtual Event?

DC FanDome Event 2020: How to Attend And What To Expect From Virtual Event?

DC Fandome is coming to your nearest computer. It is the most awaited event of this year. It is not that much different from Comic-Con but instead of marvel avengers, you will see a lot of DC heroes.

This is one of the biggest DC events of the year. Due to the current situation, a lot of events and conferences are being held with the help of internet.

The corona-virus pandemic has been a tough challenge for the industry. A lot of projects have been canceled. However, the majority of people are still working from home and a lot of schools and offices are still closed. But, DC has a great plan for the fans. The virtual event is all about people connecting with their favorite super-heroes and getting a sneak peek of upcoming superhero movies.

You can also participate in this event easily. The best part of this virtual event is that it is going to be FREE. You will not have to pay a single penny for this amazing event.

Who can join this event?

A lot of people have been asking who can join this event? The answer is Everyone. It does not matter from which country you belong too. You will be able to become part of this amazing virtual event.

It does not matter if you are not a resident of America. All you need is a computer and you are all set to join. The programming is a rush-hour block. It means that the event will run 3 times in a span of 24 hours.

Just like a live event, the full DC FanDome experience will be available for 24 hours only,” the FanDome FAQ list warns. “If you don’t watch it during the 24 hours, you will miss it (unless you have access to time travel).

How long DCFanDome Virtual Event is?

The event is going to last 24 hours only. However, Comic-Con is a week-long event. This 24 hour-long event is going to be interesting. You can easily access the event at your home.

It is not going to last for weeks. You will only have to spare some hours to attend this event.

How much it will cost?

DC FanDome is going to be free. However, if you are going to shop through some of the links you will need money. However, other than that the event is going to be completely free. It is one of the perks of this virtual event.

This is the biggest reason you should attend this event. It’s free and it’s only for a day. You do not have to go anywhere and you can enjoy it by just sitting in your home.

What should we expect from DC FanDome?

You will see “The Batman, ” “The suicide squad”, wonder woman and Jack Snyder Justice league’s cast, and even first looks at the trailers. You would be able to shop and play games through different links.

It is no less than Comic-Con. You will also witness the amazing cosplay. It will be all virtual. You can also participate in the gaming competitions.

You will get a lot of links through which you could shop.

Complete Schedule here.

  • Gal Gadot DC Fandom
  • Suicide Squad
  • Justice League Snyder Cut DC Fandom

Hall of Heroes

DC is going to have a segment called “Hall of Heroes”. In this segment, fans will get to know about the upcoming movies and everything about the heroes.

Satellite Worlds

There will be satellite worlds as well. You will be able to access these satellite worlds easily and in different languages. You can access these satellite worlds in Chinese, Spanish, English, Korean, and Japanese.

The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad is the upcoming sequel of the movie Suicide Squad 1. It is directed by James Gunn. James Gunn revealed that fans will be able to see the sneak peek of the movie. It is more like a reboot than a sequel. According to the movie’s producer Peter Safran, the upcoming Suicide Squad 2 is going to be a complete reboot. Despite the fact that Will Smith is not coming back to reprise his role as Deadshot. Fans are still quite excited about the movie.

According to James Gunn, there are going to be new DC villains in the movie as well. However, James Gunn also directed Guardians of Galaxy but he was fired by Marvel.

So, it is another chance for him to prove himself with The suicide Squad.

Tweet about the upcoming event;

“I can confirm The Suicide Squad is 100%, zero interference, no-holds-barred ME, &, again, I can’t wait for you guys to get a glimpse of it at DC FanDome,” Gunn tweeted. “(Yes, I’m pimping FanDome a lot, but that’s because I know how exciting it’s going to be – for my film & other stuff too!)”

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 is a sequel film to Wonder Woman and the ninth installment in the DC Extended Universe. The first part was released back in 2017, produced by Zack Snyder. Wonder Woman also appeared in the Justice League film and Batman V Superman Film by Zack Snyder. Gal Gadot plays the role of Wonder Woman in the DCEU. In the upcoming film, Wonder Woman will go against two villains from the comic books, Cheetah (played by Kristen Wiig) and Maxwell Lord (played by Pedro Pascal). There is not much on the film as of now.

The first Wonder Woman was praised widely because of its empowering lead role. Gal Gadot is excited to share the sequel trailer and sneak peek with fans.

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot are going to be present at the event. They will also give their interview and explain about the upcoming movie.

The movie is going to focus on past events before Chris Pine’s character died in the movie. So, even though the character is dead we are still going to see Chris pine in the movie.

DC FanDome: How to Attend And What To Expect From Virtual Event?

The Snyder Cut

Back in 2017 “Justice League” released. However, it was going to be edited by Snyder. But because of the death of his daughter, he had to leave the project.

Since then fans have been asking how the movie would have looked if it was edited by Snyder? But in 2020 we are going to get the Snyder cut.

The Snyder Cut is also the most awaited project by DC. However, this event is the best occasion to reveal the trailer and a lot more about the upcoming movie.

The Batman

The famous DC hero is going to return to the big screens. However, this time Robert Pattinson is going to play the role of Batman. Fans are excited to see the Twilight star to return to the big-budget roles. Robert Pattinson has been doing good projects lately. He is also playing a supporting role in the upcoming movie “Tenet”.

Batman is the most awaited movie. It makes sense. Robert Pattinson has been doing some great roles.

However, fans are going to see the sneak peek and Robert Pattinson might make an appearance as well.

However, Robert Pattinson is quiet about the batman movies but there are rumors that he has refused to work out for the movie. There are also rumors that Zoe Kravitz is fired from the movie. All of this will be revealed in the sneak peek at Dc FanDome.

When can you tune in?

The whole vent is going to take place on 22 August. If you are in America then you can join this event at 10 A.M.

Special appearance

A lot of big names are going to be at the event. However, these are the artists who are going to be at the virtual event;

The list includes Aisha Tyler, Venus Williams, Will Arnett, Idris Elba, Ezra Miller, Jason Isaacs, Kaley Cuoco, Matt Reeves, Michael Rooker, Robin Wright, Viola Davis and Henry Winkler.

Why you should attend this event?

One of the reasons to attend this event is it is going to be free. You can easily join this event by using your computer. If you love DC characters then it is going to be an epic event for you.

You will get sneak peeks of your favourite movies. You will also see the interviews with your favourite cast members.

Gal Gadot posted this on her Instagram. It is a great way to reunite with fans. I like wonder woman then it is advised you should participate in this event.

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