How to fix Dead Island 2 Trophies not Progressing

How to play Dead Island 2 in Coop Splitscreen?

Dead Island 2, is the next installment in the Dead Island series, developed by the Deep Silver Dambuster Studios. A hack-n-slash FPS Zombie-Fighting Game that is best enjoyed with your friends and family, or you can also refer to it as a COOP Multiplayer. The previous game had an option where you could use split mode on the screen and hence, two players can play together on the same system and screen. But, How to Play Dead Island 2 in COOP Splitscreen now? Here, we have a complete guide to help you out.

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Can you play Dead Island 2 in Split Screen?

No, there is no split-screen for Dead Island 2, especially when we are talking about the COOP Multiplayer, meaning you aren’t eligible to enjoy the game on the same PC or Console with your loved ones.

On the other hand, the game has crossplay, meaning you can simply enjoy it with your console or PC buddies by accessing the multiplayer mode. It’s extremely fun as well.

There is no Split Screen Mode in Dead Island 2, but you can play the game with others on COOP Multiplayers, as the game has Crossplay accessibility.

How to play Dead Island in 2 Coop Splitscreen?

In order to play Dead Island 2 in Coop Splitscreen, you will have to purchase a separate Console or PC. Then join together with them through the Multiplayer Mode. There is no other way around here, as the game doesn’t provide you with an option to actually play Dead Island 2 in Splitscreen Mode.

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It would be fun if Dead Island 2 Developers put a COOP Splitscreen mode here, but unfortunately, they didn’t. Well, you can always enjoy it with your loved ones through a separate PC or Console because this game has Crossplay Multiplayer. Here are the steps to access multiplayer in Dead Island 2.

  • Open the Game
  • Press Join Game
  • Choose the friends from the List
  • Or, you can also choose Quick Join
  • Start the Multiplayer Mode

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