Netflix Dead To Me Season 3 Plot, and Release date

Netflix Dead To Me Season 3 Plot, and Release date

‘Netflix Dead To Me” is getting a Season 3. Liz Feldman is the writer of the show. However, Dead to me got many positive reviews from the audience all around the world. The show is loved by the critics for its plot and comedy. The show had 30 million views on Netflix. According to a report the show was watched by more than 30 million people. It is a huge amount of audience. That is why there is no doubt that Netflix wants another season of the show.

Christina Appelgate and Linda Cardellini are the real reason why the show is a big hit. Their on-screen chemistry makes the show funny and intense to watch at the same time. Fans love the duo. However, according to Netflix, Dead To Me season 3 is going to be the final season of the show. Liz Feldman will be doing other projects with Netflix in the future as well.

Netflix Dead To Me Season 3 Plot, and Release date

The Plot

Judy and Jen will have trouble with their past. Charlie will discover Jen’s letter to Judy she wrote when she gave her confession to agent Ana Perez. However, she felt sorry for Jen and let her go. But, Now his on will discover the truth that Steve is behind the accident of his father and his mother killed Steve. He already has some issues with his mother, so Jen will have another problem to deal with when he will read the letter. However, it will be finally proved that Charlie is not the one who murdered Steve.

Ben on the other hand received a call that his brother’s dead body has been found. After hearing this news he gets deeply affected and that led him to drink alcohol before driving to the police station, but his car collides with the car of Jen and Judy. However, it was not shown what happened after that. It will be revealed in season 3.

:Liz Feldman seaon this about the ending of season 2 and how she got inspired to write the season finale;

“I always knew from the inception of the show that I didn’t want it to be a long long-running show,” she said. “Then there was a certain point when we were in production on Season 2 when the end of the show came to me, pretty profoundly, so I realized, ‘I know the story that I have to tell’ and Season 3 feels like the right time to do that. It’s just something that came to me organically, and I tend to try to follow the gut feelings I have.”

Dead To Me Season 3 Release Date

The series might release in May. All the previous seasons of the show had the same pattern and they released in May as well. But, it might get delayed due to the corona-virus pandemic. However, Liz Feldman also tweeted recently that she pitched the idea of season 3 to the directors and her partners. They are going to give an iconic end to the most loved series on Netflix. However, season 3 will not be released before 2021.

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