Deadpool 3 phase 5

Deadpool 3 is not happening any time soon.

Deadpool solo movies have attracted a lot of attention. It is because of the special and comic characters of the Deadpool that attracts a lot of people. Ryan Ronald is completely delighted and ready to reprise the role in the third installment of the movie.

The movie is still under development and it is not confirmed yet when it is going to be released.

But, it seems like we have to wait for a while for the third installment. It is not because directors and Disney is having second thoughts about the movie. Disney/fox is completely delighted and excited to put the third sequel into motion for their fans.

But it seems like Disney has a lot on its plate right now and Dead Pool 3 is not the priority yet. With other big-budget Marvel movies coming to big screens this year, Deadpool is not mentioned anywhere yet.

However, Actor Ryan shared this picture on his Instagram profile. Hinting on the possible return of Deadpool on the big screens.

Deadpool 3 is not in Marvel’s Phase 4:

Deadpool 3 is not included in Phase 4 but it does not mean that they are not working on the movie. They are definitely going for the third installment but it will not be released this year.

The Marvel Phase 5 will begin in 2022. Hopefully, we will see Deadpool 3 in 2022.


According to Ryan Reynolds, the plot of the movie is going to be different. In most of the hero action flicks, the hero has to lose everything in order to become the best of him. But, according to Ryan, they are going to do something unique with the characters.

They are definitely going for Time Travel and we will see more action with X-force. Ryan Reynolds said this about his role:

It’s the role I feel most privileged to have in my entire career. I feel like I was sort of born for it. I love Deadpool. It’s the miracle of the mask”

Ryan Reynolds also said this about the sexuality of Deadpool which is a big question for many fans.

“I certainly think that this universe… needs to represent and reflect the world in very real ways,” he told fans at a Comic-Con panel. “The great thing about Deadpool is that we’re allowed to do things that other superhero movies don’t necessarily do.”

Deadpool is R Rated and so they are going to keep the movie that way.

Release Date of Deadpool 3

The movie is not going to be released until 2022. So we can not expect anything sooner. However, who owns they will try to bring the movie on bog screens early. But fans are keen that the movie will be released in 2022.

However, the release date is not exposed yet. We can expect them to release something in 2021.


Trailer for the movie is not available yet. And the trailer is not coming out anytime soon.

But at least we know that they are working on the third sequel of the movie.

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