Dear White People Season 4

What Time Will Dear White People Season 4 Air on Netflix?

Dear White People Season 4 is coming to Netflix. However, the upcoming season of the show is going to be the final season. Dear White People is based on Justin Simien’s novel of the same name. The show is about several students from the black community studying in ivy schools. The show focuses on issues like “Racism”. Shows like “Sex Education “, “Black-ish” focus on sensitive issues like Racism. These shows are quite popular on the streaming platform.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming season of the show.

Dear White People Season 4 Release date

Fans had to wait for 2 years for Dear White People Season 4. Season 4 of the show will release on September 22, 2021, on Netflix at 3:00 am EST. All the previous seasons are available for streaming on Netflix.


According to Netflix, the plot of the upcoming season is going to be;

“Set against the backdrop of senior year at Winchester as well as a not-so-distant, post-pandemic future, ‘Dear White People’ Vol. 4 finds our characters looking back at the most formative (and theatrical) year of their lives. Both an Afro-futuristic and 90s-inspired musical event, ‘Dear White People’ Vol. 4 is a can’t-miss, farewell experience with one pitch-perfect promise: sometimes the only way to move forward is to throw it back.”

What happened in the previous season?

The previous season of the show was filled with a lot of drama. In the season finale, Reggie got to know about Moses’ true self. He also realized how Joelle feels about their relationship. Flavor Flav is the President in the alternative universe and he is going to build a wall between the USA and Canada.

Samantha got a good response on her short film. Joelle is jealous of Rashid’s new girlfriend and she planning to do something about the situation. Samantha and Lionel learn the truth about the black Illuminati and their attempts to knock down Black powerful figures. Muffy was threatened by Moses people working in the highest ranks.

However, Justin Simien revealed that the last season is going to be a musical:

“We’ve been wanting to do this musical episode from the beginning because the show always breaks into the surreality of someone’s imagination,” Simien told Insider earlier this week. “Breaking out into song at this point, four seasons in, is not the strangest thing that has happened in the show.”


All the previous from the previous season are going to return for season 4 of the show. Fans are excited about the upcoming show.

Dear White People Season 4 Trailer

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