Detective Pikachu: Honest Review 2019.

You hardly come across to someone these days who does not know about the famous Pokemon character. Pokemon was one of the famous cartoons we saw back in our days. The movie is actually based on a video game with the same name. But the concept might be a little too much for some viewers. Detective Pikachu did well at the box office.

We promised you a well written and honest review of the movie so we are definitely going to give our best brutal review today. If you loved the movie and instantly became the fan you might want to sit down.

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But before we dive in, we are warning this article contains spoilers for the movie.

The animation is not blending with the movie set: Detective Pikachu

The animation is something that did not blend with the whole movie set. The Pikachu looks so much. After watching the movie slike The Avatar and The loin King as well. We did not like the non-blending of the animation with the whole movie set.

The Pikachu cold has sed some CGI work. They could have lightened or match the whole vibe of the movie.

The Avatar won a lot of audiences because we had a full HD experience.

If you have watched the movie then you will get our point. The Pikachu was not bleeding in with the movie. Watch the trailer of these to understand.

The Avatar was one of the best-animated movie j the decades and if you still don’t believe that the high-quality animations can be made then take look at another highly publicized and hell rated movie PUSS IN THE BOOTS.

Most Weird Thing About Detective Pikachu: Pikachu talking Really?

Okay, we can forgive and forget the concept that the animations were quite fast and not blending with the whole movie set. But can you really imagine Pikachu talking like a grown man? No, we cannot. Other than that other characters were also beautifully portrayed we loved a nostalgic feeling of watching our favorite Pokemons returning to the big screen we loved it. But there are some facts that we should need to consider here.

We loved it when Pikachu gave us as nostalgic feeling with its cute small voice. But when it used Ryan Reynolds’s heavy voice we did not like a bit. It didn’t suit the whole animation. It was not even synchronized with the animation.

This was the point which was noticed by many people and the rating got down because of this point they could have not used the voice of Ruan Reynolds for our cute little Pikachu.

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Weak Plot:

The movie had a very real plot and I ignored a lot of unanswered questions. How can Pikachu be his father? the movie lacked coordination with the plot. They started well that a guy is looking for his father and he wants to train a Pikachu and other Pokemon.

They could have done something else with the character. Instead, they chose to Make the Pikachu his father. We see a lack of writing skills here. They could have made Pikachu or its history a little bit more iconic then implying that he is Harry all along.

Good point: A black Tim

We were glad to see a black Tim in the movie. It is a good gesture that Hollywood is willing to make great projects with black people.

Business at the Box Office:

Another factor that made the movie more famous is the business and profit is made. It made more than 700 million dollars worldwide.

Detective Pikachu got a 6.8/10 rating on IMDb.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.