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Diablo 4 Kicked From the Clan I Made – Clan Bug!

Imagine you created something and without any reason, you were kicked out. The same thing happened to the Diablo 4 players, who were kicked out of their own clan after a game crash. Some had the timed-out request and the game started acting strange, including other issues like shaders, black buildings, and strange objects conjuring in the game out of nowhere. Here in this guide, we are going to discuss the issue of Diablo 4 Kicked From the Clan I Made.

Diablo 4 Kicked From the Clan I Made - Clan Bug!

Why is Diablo 4 Kicking from Clan?

So, Diablo 4 is having a server issue where players are simply kicked out from the clan, irrespective of the fact that they are the clan owners. This happens after the game shows some strange behavior.

Either it is that you logged out and logged back in after some time, or the game had a disconnect, or even so, a crash. You are brought to the Join or Create Clan Screen, meaning you are kicked from the Clan you made yourself.

Can you Fix This?

No, you can’t Fix Diablo 4 Kicked From the Clan you made yourself. It is an issue with the server along with some other issues in the game. Sorry if you also experienced it but you basically can’t become the clan leader again and will probably have to make a new one.

We don’t actually recommend making a new clan till this issue is fixed. There are some things you can try out like verifying Diablo 4 game files and repairing them through

Check for updates on the game, windows, console, or your GPU. Make sure there aren’t any strange programs running in the background. Finally, disable the antivirus and firewall as well.

Diablo 4 Kicked From the Clan I Made - Clan Bug!

The Verdict

Recently, some players reported an issue with Diablo 4 that they got a crash, a timeout error, or some other strange bug in the game. Following that, they were kicked out of the clan they actually made themselves. Diablo 4 Kicked From the Clan I Made is server related problem and you actually can’t fix it yourself.

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