Diablo 4 Malignant Burrow

Diablo 4 Malignant Burrow Explained: Where to find and How to use it?

In the new Diablo 4 Season 2, you will find small holes or craters leading to special locations inside the game, different from the world you walk in. These holes are called the Malignant Burrow which give you access to a different location filled with powerful foes.

The special purpose behind Malignant Burrow is to summon an end-game boss named Echo of Varshan in Diablo 4 Season 2.

Diablo 4 Malignant Burrow: Echo of Varshan Summoning Point

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Where to Find Malignant Burrow Location in Diablo 4?

They are spread across the Sanctuary, the world of Diablo 4, and coming across one is a random act. But, you can find them in different locations like;

Tree of Whispers: On the Tur Dalra’s Southside, while walking past the Writhing Mire of Hawezar. You will first have to activate the tree first, which can be done by going through all the main storyline missions of the game.

After you are done with every quest, you will be given “The Whispers of the Dead” quest, and upon completion of this quest, you will be able to further get to the “Malignant Burrow“.

How to Use Malignant Burrow? Summoning World Tier 3 Echo of Varshan!

Echo of Varshan is not simply available in the Malignant Burrow cave/hole, as players need to first collect a certain amount of Whisper Caches to even summon the Echo of the Varshan in World Tier 3. You can get the Whisper Caches, the following way;

How to Get Whispering Cache?

  • Go to Tree of Whispers and offer it 10 Grim Favors, as Grim Favors are in-game currency to get the Whispering Cache.
  • Whisper Caches are also dropped by the Grotesque Debtors, but first, you need to bring to them the Gurgling Head, Trembling Hand, and Blackened Fur.

Summoning Echo of Varshan by Malignant Altar

Now that you have the Whispering Cache, you can head inside the Malignant Burrow, where you will find the Malignant Altar. You can offer the Altar required items and then click on Summon.

This will summon the Echo of Varshan, a World-Tier 3 Boss in Diablo 4. Furthermore, you can also summon Echo of Varshan in the World-Tier 4 as well, which is a much harder form of this boss.

How to Use Malignant Burrow and Summon World Tier 3: Echo of Varshan

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Tips to Defeat Echo of Varshan in Malignant Burrow!

As always, you will have to memorize the attack pattern of Echo of Varshan to defeat him. This goes for every other boss as well. So, the trick is to stay back, dodge the attacks, and don’t engage till you know what the boss is capable of. There are a few tricks you can utilize as well;

  • AOE Ground Attack deals explosion damage, so keep your distance
  • Before the explosion, follow the marked areas to keep yourself safe
  • When tentacles move, Varshan will do a melee attack that deals poison damage
  • Tier 4 Varshan does Tentacle Swipes that also blind the enemies
  • With time, the AOE attack increases the area

So, in short, Malignant Burrow is a hole or cave in the ground that brings you to the Malignant Altar, that can be used to Summon the end-game boss Echo of Varshan, available in both Tier 3 and Tier 4 of World-Tiers. There are some prerequisites that you need to have to summon him, and we have all the details here in our Diablo 4 Malignant Burrow Explanation Guide.

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