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Diablo 4 Preload File Size Explained – PC, and Console Preload!

Diablo 4 preload is available for players to download the game early on, but not everyone can do it without thinking about their space. In the recommended requirements of the game, you will see an SSD instead of a typical HDD. To get the optimal experience of the game you need to have a ton of SSD storage, somewhere around 100, which most of us don’t actually have, especially for consoles. Here in this Diablo 4 Preload File Size explanation guide, we will be sharing with you both the Console and PC Preload.

Diablo 4 Preload File Size Explained - PC, and Console Preload!

What is a Preload?

Just as the name suggests, the preload means downloading the game files early on. But it doesn’t mean you can play the game early on as well. All the files are downloaded on your system, where you want to have Diablo 4 installed, but it will leave 1 specific file that actually allows you to play the game.

In the early access or when the game officially goes live, you just press play and that game file will be downloaded as well, allowing you to play the game without waiting for hours on game installation.

How to Download Diablo 4 Preload

  • Go to Battle.net
  • Log into your account
  • Search for Diablo 4
  • Click on Play (Preload, only available for those who bought the game)

Diablo 4 PC Preload Files size!

It is a blessing for those who don’t have that well-off internet that can download 100 GB of game files in hours. Preload the game first and then click on play to instantly enjoy the game with other members ASAP.

One thing to keep in mind is that preload depends mainly on the Resolution you are downloading it for. In general, the Diablo 4 Preload size is somewhere around the lines of 80 to 85 GB for High Res Assets.

If you reduce the Assets and leave high res, you can even download the preload in between 45 to 50 GB. Then again, the maximum you can go for a PC is along the lines of 90 GB.

Diablo 4 Console Preload Files size!

For the Console (PS), the file size is also around 85 GB, which is the same as the PC. Some players reported that their file was around 75 to 80 GB after doing a fresh/clean installation of Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Preload File Size Explained - PC, and Console Preload!

The Verdict

Diablo 4 is massive, but the real issue appears when you have to get all-out SSD storage to play the game optimally. Not all of us have 100 GB and not all of us have exceptional internet. Diablo 4 Preload Files Size for PC is somewhere around 75 to 90 GB and we recommend you have 90 GB free on SSD. If you have trouble getting this much on SSD, then get the low-res Preload for around 45 GB. For consoles, it goes the same way pretty much.

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