Dragon Ball Z Disney Live Action

Disney Making New Dragon Ball Z Live-Action Movie

If you are a big manga and anime fan then you might be interested in the upcoming movie. However, Dragon Ball z is truly iconic and has millions of fans all around the globe. Fans have been insisting and debating on the topic of the live-action movie for Dragon Ball Z for a while now. Hollywood tried making two Dragon Ball Z movies.

Those movies were an epic fail. They did not have enough Asian casts in the movie and it was a huge fail. One of them has a rating of 2.5/10. It was not a wide success at the box office. But they are working on a new movie and this time they are going for a full Asian cast. It will have many big-names and a talented cast to bring the iconic anime to the big screens. However, Hollywood does not create live-action based on animes and mangas that much, Akira has been in the development stage for a while now and there is no news about the release of the movie.

Akira has a big fan following as well. Akira received a lot of praise back in 1989 and it also did well at the box office. It earned 48 million dollars worldwide at the box office. Now it’s time for a live-action movie as well.

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Disney Making New Dragon Ball Z Live-Action Movie


The plot of the movie is going to be the same as the anime. The movie will be based on the first arc of Dragon Ball Z (Saiyajin Saga). Goku is going to battle his evil brother Raditz. Vegeta will come to face Goku to later.

He protects Dragon Balls that can grant any wish. He would do anything to protect the earth from evil powers.

Disney and Dragon Ball Z

Disney just bought Fox and they have distribution rights of Dragon Ball Z in America. They also had rights for the previous movies. Disney can make DBZ love action movies now. Disney is remarkable when it comes to Live-action movies and Marvel is one of the examples.

Disney live-action movies not only gain well at the box office they became loved by all the people all around the globe. Disney has a good reputation in Japan and they also gain good at the box office in asian countries.

If Disney decide to release the movie it will bring them.a lot of fans from Japan as well.

Release Date

There is no information about the release date yet anywhere. Disney has not said anything officially about the Dragon Ball z movies yet. But there are sources which are saying we would not get anything before 2022. So it seems like we would have to wait for a while for the movies.

Meanwhile, Netflix is bringing Dragon Ball z anime, you can always binge-watch it there until live-action movies release.

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