Disney Live-Action Movie "Mulan" Release Date, Plot, and More.

Disney Live-Action Movie “Mulan” Release Date, Plot, and More.

Mulan is the upcoming Live-action Disney movie. Disney has been making a lot of live-action movies after the success of 2010’s Alice in Wonderland. However, the mickey-mouse house is back again with another live-action movie. Mulan is finally releasing after it got canceled multiple times. The movie was announced back in 2015. But, Disney was busy with movies like The lion king and beauty and the beast. However, Fans are really excited about this movie. Milan is going to be full of culture and exciting characters.

How the movie will be released?

Due to the pandemic, theatres are still closed in some countries and some states in the US. However, it did not stop Disney to release Mulan. They are going to release the movie on Disney plus. Disney Plus is a platform similar to Netflix. You can find all the Disney originals at Disney plus. From Marvel avengers to Hannah Montanna everything is available on Disney plus. Disney Plus is a tough competition for Netflix. You can have all the regulars at Disney plus for only 7 dollars. But Disney’s Mulan is going to cost you 30 dollars. If you want to watch Mulan then you will have to pay 30 dollars for “Premium Access”. Fans are not really happy with their decision. It is quite pricey. However, Disney will also release the movie in cinemas as well at the same time. Mostly, the home premiere is done after nine months of theatre release. But, Disney is willing to take the risk.

The Plot of Mulan

Mulan has a compelling plot. Little Mulan will go to the war instead of her sick and old father. She will disguise as a man but things will become difficult for her. She would have to fight the scary witch. In the animated movie, the plot was a little different. Disney also removed the role of “Li Shang”. He is a commander and trained Mulan. But things got a little weird between Li Shang and Mulan when he found out that Mulan was a girl. Disney is going to make the movie PG-13 so it makes sense why the scrapped the idea of awkward romance. That is why Disney might have changed the idea of Li Shang.

What creators think about the releasing Mulan on Disney Plus?

Disney plus CEO had to say this about the whole Mulan premium access release case;

“We see this as an opportunity to bring this incredible film to a broad audience, currently unable to go to movie theaters, while also further enhancing the value and attractiveness of a Disney+ subscription with this great content,”

Disney Live-Action Movie "Mulan" Release Date, Plot, and More.

He continued:

“In terms of the premier access idea, as you probably know, Disney tent-pole blockbuster theatrical films can be fairly expensive to make and produce in order to get the quality that consumers expect from us and frankly to get the quality that we expect from us,”


Liu Yifei is the live-action Mulan. She is a perfect choice. She is also an American artist and she is fluent in English. She also appeared in the outcast alongside Nicholas Cage in 2015. Some people were not happy with the choice and claimed that Disney whitewashed the character. But physically the resemblance is a plus point why they chose her.

Is Eddie Murphy in Mulan?

Eddie Murphy played the role of “Mushu” back in the 1998 Mulan movie. Mushu is the pet dragon of Mulan. However, it is not clear if Eddie murphy will return for the live-action movie.

Release Date

The movie is all set to release on September 4, 2020. Moreover, the movie will release on cinemas as well.

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