Disney+ vs Netflix, Which one is better?

Netflix has been here since 2007. It made streaming TV shows and movies anywhere at anytime a trend. It made the whole streaming on cell phones and laptops thing a trend all around the world. People are living completely busy and dynamic lives these days. They hardly find time to catch up with the shows and movies on TV.

However, many streaming services are coming forward to gain what Netflix is gaining right now. Netflix attracts a large amount of audience towards it. It generally became famous after the phrase ”Netflix and Chill”. However, the streaming service is here for quite long now., it generally became more famous in recent years.

With critically acclaimed shows like Thirteen Reasons Why, which was rejected by many TV productions and streaming services, Netflix took a risk to bring the boldness and reality to their streaming service.

However, Disney has started its own streaming website called Disney Plus. It has many old Disney shows like Hannah Montanna, Wizard of Waverly Place. However, they are also going to bring a lot of Marvel movies to the streaming site as well.

Disney+ vs Netflix

Disney+ has a cheaper plan than Netflix

The most important factor that distinguishes both of the websites is their price. You can get the whole Disney Plus plan where 4 people can have access to the account at the same time just in 6.99$. But if you want to get Netflix Basic you would have to pay 9$. In basic, you can have access to the account only on one screen at a time. If you want the premium account where you can have access to the 4 different devices at the same time you would have to pay 15$ for it per month.

Collection of Movies and TV shows.

When it comes to collection of movies and TV series Netflix wins. Disney Plus has just started and they have 600+ movies and a few tv shows to entertain their audience. But Netflix has a wide range of TV shows and movies to entertain its big audience.

Netflix has more than 6000+ movies for its users all around the world. Not only the list of movies is that long it has 2000+ drama series for its users as well. This is a wide range of TV shows and movies. However, we will see what will Disney+ will brig for his fans and users.

Better interface: Netflix

Netflix has a better interface as well. You will find ”You may like” tab on Netflix as well. The same feature is also available at Disney Plus as well. Disney plus do not have ”Continue watching feature”. The interface of Disney Plus is not that impressive as compared to the Netflix one but it is not that bad for a new streaming website.

Disney+ interface, Netflix has better

Parental Control Feature

Netflix has a nice parental control feature. Disney plus have the kid mode too but it is easier to log into the adult account easily on both of the apps. Both of the apps are neutral when it comes to parental control features.


In our opinion select what you like the most. Explore both of thee steaming services. Choose what you think is going to be best for you. But if you want a streaming service with a great collection of movies and series list then go for Netflix. However, if you are looking for light entertainment and do not like to watch movies that much and watch something occasional then go for Disney plus. But, at the end of the day Netflix is way better than the other streaming services.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.