Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange 2, Shocking plot and more.

Doctor Strange 2 is going to happen in MCU phase 4. If you want to know more about MCU phase 4 you can read our previous article.

Okay so marvel’s phase 4 was quite shocking and it really broke some fan’s hearts as there are not going to be an iron man or Captain America movie for the next few years. But many fans were really happy as the Marvel world is moving to another phase and there are going to be many fun and thrilling movies in 2020. We can not wait for more for the amazingness.

Doctor Strange 2 is happening and it is going to happen soon. Keep reading the article to know about the movie’s title, plot and the most important thing of all THE RELEASE DATE.

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The movie’s title is going to be. (DRUMROLLS).

Strange and Multiuniverse Of Madness

Twitter and fans went crazy as the title was revealed in the recent Comic-con. As the amazing title suggests, Doctor Strange 2 is definitely going to be amazing.

Which MARVEL characters are going to make a comeback

The biggest question which MARVEL superheroes and also villains are going to make their comeback in the maddening world of strange.

Scarlet Witch: Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen is going to be on Doctor strange and people hope her to be there as she is a crucial part of the story now. As she would need the help of strange or strange might need her. As she is part of another Dinsey project WANDAVISION which is also going to be released soon.

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So we are positive that Scarlet Witch might be the part of the new Doctor strange 2.

Wanda Maximoff: Doctor Strange

Mordo in Doctor strange 2:

It is not completely confirmed but as he was the villain in part 1, he might make an appearance. He might not be the villain but many trusted sources are suggesting that he might make an appearance in the movie at some point.

Mordo who played as an adversary for Strange, he was n9ot happy with him bending the rules. Definitely, there was a conflict between them. Are we going to see more of it in part 2, You never know.

Strange’s Love interest Christine Palmer:

Rachel Mcadams might make an appearance as Christine Palmer who played as the love interest of Doctor strange in the previous part. We think she is definitely going to come for another sequel. However, not any official statement is given by an actress yet.

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Wong Might appear or not:

Wong plays as a sidekick for the doctor strange. so there is a big chance that the actor who is also named as wong may appear to play the role again. But Benedict Wong also hinted a change of plot as he sad in an interview:

I know they’ve now got a writer on board who I met at the [Avengers] Endgame premiere.

Clea and Namor the Sub-Mariner might come from the comics to Doctor strange 2.

people who have been a fan of comics and have also read them might know about these characters and their relationship with.

Clea also has a feeling for strange and he could have helped in Endgame if they introduced in Endgame. But you never know when Doctor strange might need all the help. Fans also thought that director Scott Derrickson was hinting that Namor is also going to be part of the Doctor’s strange world. But he later denied the speculation.

Avengers Infinity war Doctor Strange

He wrote;

As my header says, my tweets are never teased or hints,” 

What is the possible plot is going to be?

Scoot Derrickson said this about the possible part of the Nightmare Dimension plot theory.

“I really like the character of Nightmare and the concept that the Nightmare Realm is a dimension,” Derrickson said. “That’s early – that’s like the first Strange tale. I think that’s in the introductory episode of Doctor Strange, and I always loved that.”

So the nightmare dimension might happen in this part. Finger crossed.

The release date for Doctor Strange 2:

as it was revealed in the comic con that the movie is going to be released on 2021 May 7. But we might get the typical release in the UK first for this movie as well. However, it is not confirmed yet.

This Doctor Strange is going TO BE HORROR:

Another fact that about the upcoming movie is the new horror effect they are going to introduce in the upcoming movie. Yes, the director has admitted that they are going for a horror vibe for this movie.

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and fans are 100% convinced that the horror part is going to be the Nightmare dimension as well. As the nightmare dimension makes more sense.

However, the detail about movie trailer is not released yet.

Scott also said this for the horror plot;

This twist in horror will have people gripped…we’ll be going back to trying to destroy him a bit.”

But it’ll still be PG-13 and contain the humor of the first outing.

So get ready.

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