Dylan O' Brien is ready for Teen Wolf Revival

Dylan O’ Brien is ready for Teen Wolf Revival

Dylan O’ Brien is ready to be part of the Teen Wolf Revival. Earlier this year, it was revealed that MTV might be working on a Teen Wolf reunion. However, at first, it was revealed that Tyler Posey and is all set to be back for the series’s union. Dylan O’ Brien always stayed quiet about the reunion for years. He has been part of many bigger projects. The virtual reunion happened this year and the cast predicted where their characters are now.

Dylan O’ Brien has a promising career now and he owes it all to the Teen Wolf. Of course, he has not forgotten the show at all. He has been busy doing films. He has signed 3 movies this year. However, all of his movies are in different stages of development. It is hard to say when he will be back on the big screens. However, his role in American Snipper got him a lot of positive reviews from the critics. Maze Runner movie series made millions of dollars at the box office.

It is clear that he has not forgotten the show that helped him with his career. However, he recently said in an interview that he is interested in the renewal of the show while promoting his new project love and the monsters;

I would jump at the chance to do any kind of thing. We’ll come back together for something at some point,”

Dylan O' Brien is ready for Teen Wolf Revival

Different Plot

Dylan O’ Brien is hoping that Jeff Davis, the creator of the show, might be going for a different plot and story for the revival. Dylan is hoping that Stiles could be the Sheriff of the town taking after his father to protect his town. However, it would be nice to see his character as the focus and center of something and more than a sidekick. According to a report, even FRIENDS cast members asked for an unscripted revival. Even Seinfeld had an unscripted reunion.

Dylan is excited to play something different and new in the Teen Wolf series. They can do a time-jump and introduce us to new stories and universe. Dylan also explained he still has the car Stiles drove;

Everyone who knows me knows my heart lies and dies with Teen Wolf, There was no way I was not taking the Jeep. Luckily, there was no premium on it and they were like, ‘Take it.’”

Tyler Posey who has been re-watching the sixth season of the show also said this during the virtual reunion which also included the creator of the show Jeff Davis;

“I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t seen it in years but I was looking at it from such a different perspective, I cried at every single thing that you were supposed to cry at — maybe more. I was really proud of every single one of us. We…did a really really good job.”

Dylan also agreed that revisiting the old episodes is always a joy to him and he considers the old episodes as the memories. However, it is not revealed yet when we are going to see the special reunion season of the show.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.