Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun Phantom Liberty

Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun Phantom Liberty

Phantom Liberty is an overhaul to the original Cyberpunk, bringing back the things we requested from the devs for over a decade. The game brings to us some of the most early powerful games. While you can get more than 20 in the game, there is one particular that takes the crown. We are talking about the Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun in Phantom Liberty Cyberpunk 2.0.

Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun Phantom Liberty

Phantom Liberty AKA Cyberpunk 2.0 is the latest update for the Cyberpunk game, bringing the actual things that the community wanted in the first one. This time, the graphics are much better, the bugs/glitches are removed, police AI is smarter, and that beautiful stealth gameplay takes it to another level.

Taking place in the deadliest part of the area known as Night City, the president of New United States of America was shot dead. It takes place well after the original game, continuing the Keanu Reeves ark without him, and putting Idris Elba as the main character.

You are “V”, a Cyberpunk for hire in the city, who is here to make a connection between the black market mercenaries and the higher powers. NUSA sleeper Solomon Reed and Johnny Silverhand are here to help you out, unveiling the world you have never seen before.

Fighting powerful mercenaries, jumping buildings, doing stealth, making decisions, and using high-fi equipment to do various missions, contracts, gigs, and jobs. While it might be so, the storyline takes you into a peak Cyberpunk 2077 Experience.

Getting Dezerter Iconic Weapon in Cyberpunk 2.0 Phantom Liberty is going to make your time in Dogtown much more effortless.

Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun Phantom Liberty

Dezerter Weapon Bug

The Dezerter is a shotgun in the game is kind of a letdown for some because it is bugged. On the other side, the shotgun has a negative aspect as well.

Man Who Killed Jason Foreman

You will get the Dezerter Double Barrel Shotgun in the game early by playing the side mission or doing the gig for Mr. Hands called the “Man who killed Jason Foreman”.

Buying from the Black Market

So, we already mentioned that this one is a kind of bug, so you need to make a save game before this. Later on, in case you can’t get it in the game, you can just go back to the previous save and reload the save, buying from the Black Market.

Jason’s Friend Briana and Mother

During the quest with Jason’s Friend Briana, and Mother, you want to find who killed him, searching for the clues, is going to lead you to the old Motel inside.

Yasha Ivonov and Rinder Bargaining

Inside here, you have to search for the reminder somewhere, and once you defeat Yasha Ivanov. You can talk to him with Rinder but the choice here should be to put a gun on Rinder’s Head and it will further lead you to the bargaining phase.

Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun Phantom Liberty

Get Cash from Rinder

He will give you the keys to his cash, and the bug starts from here. Either you get the cash or the cash is broken. If it is broken, just reload the save and this time kill the Rinder instead.

Addicted to Chaos

After completing the quest “Man who killed Jason Foreman”. The next one here is “Addicted to Chaos”. It is going to lead you straight to the Dezerter Double Barrel Shotgun.

When you get inside, all you have to do is unlock the garage door with the “1975” code.

Getting Dezerter Shotgun

Get inside, and you will find a weapon case, fortunately. The weapon will be found there if the mission is not bugged. In case it is bugged, you won’t get it, restarting from the start and buying from the Black Market.

Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun Phantom Liberty

In this way, you can get the Early Dezerter Iconic Shotgun Phantom Liberty Cyberpunk 2.0.

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