Elizabeth Olsen is a "killer" in the new HBO Max Series

Elizabeth Olsen is a “killer” in the new HBO Max Series

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Elizabeth Olsen is going to be on a new HBO max project. WandaVision was a huge success for the actress. The 32-years old actress is excited to play her new role in HBO max series. Love and Death are based on real-life stories. The show is based on the murder of “Betty Gore”, which happened in 1980. People are obsessed with crime documentaries. HBO max is giving tough competition to Netflix. HBO’s max is planning to release a lot of new projects this year. However, Netflix has a lot of options under the “True Crime ” section. But, people have high expectations from the show.

Elizabeth Olsen is a "killer" in the new HBO Max Series


The show is completely based on the murder case of “Betty Allan”. Cady Montogomery killed her own friend with an ax. Candy was having an affair with Betty’s husband. According to Candy, Betty got mad when she got to know about her affair with Allan. According to her, betty tried to hurt her with an ax. But, Candy said she grabbed the ax from betty’s hand and hit her with it 41-times.

But, there is a twist in the story. Candy Montogomery was allowed to walk free from all the charges as the judges ruled it as “self-defense”. There was not enough evidence that could declare her a murderer. People still believe Candy was behind the murder of Betty Allan.

HBO Max head of original content Sarah Aubrey in a press release:

“This is a gripping story about the frustrations and desires of two women in a small town that culminates in a terrible act of violence, we are thrilled to be partnering with David, Lesli, Nicole, and Per and incredibly fortunate to have Elizabeth at the center of our story to bring out all the layers of Candy that make this story so unforgettable.”

However, fans are excited for the upcoming series.


There is not much about the cast of the series revealed yet, only Elizabeth Olsen’s role is revealed. However, according to Entertainment Weekly, there is going to be another limited series called “Candy” starring Elisabeth Moss as Candy. Elizabeth Olsen is excited to play her role in the upcoming new series on HBO max.

Release Date

The series might release in late 2021 or early 2022. However, there is no news about the release date yet.

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