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Escape Room 2 Is Back With Creepy Plot.

Escape Room was released back in 2019 on January 4 and it instantly became famous among people who loved watching movies like SAW. It was not graphic and violent like Saw but it gave us the major cities of Saw. The movie was a great success and it earned 130 million dollars worldwide. Especially the movie made more than 30 million dollars in China. The movie has a good plot and it gave a tough time to many great projects at the box office as well.

With movies like The parasite and the platform becoming more popular among people. It makes sense why people are waiting for this sequel. The movie is coming back to the big screens and this time with way more cynical plot than before.

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However, the movie ended without answering many questions and it was apparent that the movie will get a sequel. So the movie will be released this year in August. It is not clear how they will release the movie due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

What is the Plot for Escape Room 2?

What is the Plot for Escape Room 2?

In the previous movie, we saw that the six people solved the puzzle and were chosen to escape multiple scenarios in order to win a prize if 10,000 dollars. But not all of them make it to the end. Zoey and Been make it to end and make an escape. But police do not believe them and their claim that Mino company is behind all of this sick game.

After reading an article in news about the death of other participants in a newspaper as an accident. Both Zoey and Ben decide to visit an unsettling building in Manhattan. But their flight is changed in another game to escape by the Mino company. But this time their chance of survival and freedom is only 4%. They would have to escape again in order to survive. They would also need evidence to prove that they are telling the truth.

So the sequel is definitely going to be about how they escape this time. We might see new characters and faces in this movie.

The cast of the Escape Room 2

The cast of the Escape Room 2

Not all the people from the previous film are going to appear in the upcoming movie. Zoey a physics student played by Taylor Russel is going to be back. Logan Miller who played the role of a grocery store worker is going to be back to play the role of Ben in the sequel.

Teen Wolf star Holland Roden is also going to be in the movie and Pose star Indya Moore is also going to be in the movie.

Release Date

The movie is also set to release this year. But it is not confirmed whether or not we will get to see it now in theatres because of the current situation dude to coronavirus. There is no official word shelter or not the movie release delayed. But fans believe that it might be delayed. There are rumors the movie might be released on Netflix.

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