Euphoria (Teen Melancholy), Based on an Israeli TV series

Euphoria began airing this July 2019. You might have seen Makeup tutorials based on the looks of teenagers in the TV show. The flamboyant makeup looks of the teenagers in the show was the main attention for Youtubers. However, We will discuss the show Euphoria or should you watch this show.

Euphoria, the words means a state of excitement and happiness. People are into this how because it is bringing the Taboos of the society in front of us.

The show is being loved by many teenagers and even adults all around the world. There are fewer shows who focus on the issues of society.

The story of the show focuses on the life of a bunch of teenagers. How they face the heartbreaks and problems like Drug addiction. Not only the problem like Drug dependence is exposed but affects of Social media platforms are also revealed.

Euphoria vs The Other Shows

Now you might be thinking about why the show is getting a lot of hype. The show is getting all the hype because of the way they are portraying the issues.

Just like 13 Reasons Why this show is also bringing the strange facts of the real world which adults ignore.

Euphoria Season 1

The show is being followed by a large number of people mostly teenagers. If you are looking for 50 minutes of complete suspense and reality then watch Euphoria. Euphoria is giving a tough time to series like 13 Reasons Why.

Zendaya, is the main character, on the show, she is named Rue. The shows portray her struggles to feel the same sensations without drugs in her real life. She just returned from a Rehab and she is looking for thrill and Euphoria by different meanings.

Thoughts on the show:

Skins is one of the sows who really brought the painful aspects of teenage life on TV but Euphoria and 13 Reasons Why are doing a better job in making us aware of some of the facts. Facts we generally ignore. Zendaya, no doubt gave a very inspirational performance.

What Vulture speculates about the show Euphoria:

It’s been right in front of us the whole time, but we couldn’t understand its meaning without more context and background. Euphoria implies repeatedly that this is a crucial issue for teens, and society, in 2019: that we misinterpret obvious symbols and signs, or just ignore them entirely. But that message gets lost in the Euphoria finale’s timeline trickery and the wide net of high drama it casts. The first season ends — note: there will be a second — by deciding “Let’s get out of here.” Then Euphoria does, leaving us behind, alone, to wonder where exactly everybody went.

The show is all settled for Season 2

After the positive reviews from people all around the world. HBO is definitely going to renew the show for season 2. We are so excited to see this amazing and inspirational side of Zendaya.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.