Euphoria Season 2: Will Fez Die?

Euphoria Season 2: Will Fez Die? “Definitely Possible”

Euphoria Season 2 is coming to an end. The season finale will release this Sunday on HBO Max. Fans are worried about Fez and Ash. Fez never made it to Lexi’s place indicating that something bad happened to him. Custer came to talk to Faye and he told her that he told the police about Ash and Fez killing Mouse. Fans want to see more of Lexi and Fez’s relationship.

Euphoria Season 2: Will Fez Die?

Will Fez die in Euphoria Season 2 episode 8?

Angus Cloud, who plays Fez on the show, shared thoughts about his character’s future in the show in an interview with Complex. He said this:

“I mean, it’s definitely possible,” Cloud said. “You have to be careful with who you let into your heart and who you trust.”

He continued:

 “Not all your actions define you,” he noted while speaking of his character. “I’ve said it before, good people are forced to do bad things. The question is, like, if you got a starving family, if you go steal some f***ing apple off an orchard to f***ing save your family, does that make you a bad person for stealing an apple or a good person for taking after your family? It’s not black and white.”

However, fans are hoping that Fez survives in episode 8. Fez is one of the fan-favorite characters of the show. Fans shared their thoughts on Twitter about what will happen in the next episode. Fans also believe that, if Fez dies, it will bring Rue and Lexi together.

There is also a possibility that Faye might warn Fez about Custer’s plan.

Will Ash die?

However, some fans believe that Fez will survive but Ash will die. Fez was seen banging on a door screaming. There was also blood on his shirt Fans believe that it was not his blood and it might be Ash’s blood and he might die in episode 8.

Fez is an important part of the show right now. However, fans also believe that he will help Rue. Rue made a deal with Laurie. Rue owes Laure 10 thousand dollars. But, Rue was not able to come up with the money as her mother flushed the drugs she bought from Laurie to sell. Rue will definitely need Fez’s help in order to get out of the deal she made with Laurie.

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