Euphoria Season 3: Will Maddy Return?

Euphoria Season 3: Will Maddy Return?

Fans are suspecting Alexa Demie’s character “Maddy Perez” will not return for Euphoria Season 3. Euphoria is one of the most popular shows on the streaming service, HBO Max. However, the streaming giant announced that season 3 of the show will return in 2024. The two-year gap shocked the audience of the show.

Everyone loves Maddy’s character on the show and wants to see more of her in the upcoming season. In episode 7, Maddy and Samantha were seen sitting in the bleachers during Theo’s match. She told Samantha how bad she feels for leaving Theo. Maddy even got a goodbye gift from Samantha. Fans are suspecting that Maddy’s character will leave the show. Fans took to Twitter to share their concern.

Some fans think that Maddy has only quit her job and she will be back for season 3 of the show. There are some clues about Alexa Demie leaving Euphoria.

Euphoria Season 3

Maddy is graduating high school

Maddy turned 18 in Season 2 of the show. She is a senior in high school which means that she will go to college soon. Maddy wants to leave the toxic environment of East Highland. She might go to college far from home to forget all the stuff she went through.

Samantha’s note

Maddy received a gift from Samantha with a note “Don’t look back”. This indicates that Maddy is in fact leaving town. There is no information on where she will go and will she return?

Maddy’s character development

Maddy’s character grew a lot in season 2 of the show. She overcame her “mean girl” image from season 1 of the show. The other characters of the show have a lot going on for them. Demie’s character seems unbothered by Nate and Cassie’s relationship and Maddy even warned Cassie about Nate. It seems like there is not much left for Maddy in East Highland.

Euphoria Season 3 Time-jump

Euphoria Season 3 will return in 2024. Fans believe that there will be a time jump. Some fans believe that the show might bring a new cast of sophomores like Skins or we might get to see their life after graduating high school.

What Alexa Demie thinks about Maddy leaving Eastland High

Alexa Demie has not revealed anything yet. Angus Cloud. who plays Fez on the show said this during an interview when asked about his character’s fate;

I don’t know. They haven’t really told me yet“.

It means Alexa Demie is not aware of her character’s future as well. We will find out what will happen with Maddy in season 3.


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