After We Collided

Everything about After We Collided Sequel

After we collided has been released in the United States on 23 October. The first movie did well at the box office. The movie earned 60 million dollars on the budget of 15 million dollars. However, making the movie one of the best independent movie releases in 2019.

The movie is based on a one-direction/fifty shades of grey fan-fiction. Anna Todd wrote the books. However, according to her, there are going to be two more movies as well. It seems like the creators are not done with the story yet and we are definitely going to see more of Tessa and Hardin in future projects.

After 3 and 4:

There are definitely going to be After 3 and 4. After 3 ‘s title is After we fell and the fourth installment of the movie is going to be titled After ever happy. However, it is not confirmed yet when we are going to get the fourth installment.

Release Date for both of the movies:

The amazing news is that both movies are being filmed at the same time. But, both movies are not going to release at the same time. After 3 will release in late 2021. Due to the corona-virus, we do not know how much will it take. But, if they are filming both of the movies at the same time, it means we would not have to wait much for the fourth installment.

Who si coming back for the movie?

Not everyone from the previous movie is coming back to reprise their roles. As they have changed the location of the movie from Atlanta to Europe. Due to this change, a few of the characters are not returning for the 3rd installment of the movie. Shane Paul McGhie, Selma Blair, Candice King, and Charlie Weber. McGhie, Blair, King, and Weber, they are not returning for the 3rd installment.

However, Castille London is going to direct the 3rd and 4th installment of the movie.

Hero said this in an interview along with Josephine Langford;

“There have been lots of people working really hard behind the scenes and we can finally tell you guys that the third and fourth movies are officially going into production. Keep your eyes on the After pages around the world for updates.”

What is going to happen in the fourth installment of the movie:

In the fourth installment of the movie, we are going to see some troubles between Tessa in Hardin. Tessa is keeping a secret from Hardin. But instead of listening to what she has to say he sabotages her. We are definitely going to see a love triangle in future movies as well. However, the fourth installment of the movie is going to be the last movie.

If you want to know more about the story, you can also read the books as well. However, the previous movies are not different than the books so it seems like they are going to follow the books for the 3rd and 4th installment of the movie as well.

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