Everything about Samsung Galaxy Note 10

If you have listened to some rumors about the new Samsung galaxy note 10  then you have listened to the right thing. Samsung galaxy note 10 will be the next step in the mobile industry. The leaks have been showing that Samsung galaxy note 10 will change the mobile industry to some extent.

What will be the shape of the new Samsung galaxy note 10? What will be the price of Samsung galaxy note 10? Which color will suit the most on Samsung galaxy note 10? What will be the size of the camera and how many cameras will be there in Samsung galaxy note 10? What will be the screen size in Samsung galaxy note 10? What will be the software for Samsung galaxy note 10? What will be the size of the Samsung galaxy note 10 pens? What will be the releasing date for Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

We know that all such questions are knocking at your mind and you are in the best place to find the answers to all such questions in an explained manner. In this article, we are compiling all the details about the new Samsung galaxy note 10.

Release Date of Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The official releasing date for Galaxy note 10 and note 10 pro is 7th of the August. After this, some of the leaks are out which are for both these phones. We are discussing those specs for Galaxy note 10 below.

Progressed Infinity Display

Samsung is introducing the new infinity O-display technology which allows the Samsung note 10 to have an O shaped camera on the front without a notch which is already used in galaxy S10 and the rumors are showing that this technology will also be used in new Galaxy note 10. It is not compulsory that the same technology will be used in the new Galaxy note 10 it can be a new or different shape but the news from the center is leading to such design.

It is suggested that a 19:9 ratio screen size will be used in the new Samsung note 10. It is bringing us to a next-generation in comparison to the old galaxy note 9. At the moment the rumors are coming out for Samsung note 10 and note 10 pros and if we compare it with S10 and S10+ it will present a better quality. It is vertically 162.5mm and horizontally 77.6mm.

Battery and Back Cover

According to the rumors, the battery will be nonremovable and non-accessible for users and the back cover will be nonremovable which will lead its security to a different level.


New Galaxy notes 10 is in a new shape without a headphone jack and the power key and the volume button is on the left of the mobile. There is no physical fingerprint in the mobile which will lead to an ultrasonic under-display fingerprint. The Famous Bixby button is also used in Galaxy Note 10.

The speaker Grill is also removed from the top of the mobile after removing this Samsung is using Sound on display option which is a new technology introduced by Samsung. It is well shaped with sharp edges.

Built-In Options

Mobile is as usual with the same built-in GSM, W-CDMA, LTE, Wifi and Bluetooth options which are updated to the next level. This is still with LTE and not with the 5G option with a better frequency band. Double wifi bands are used in this mobile which makes it more special.

Cameras in Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung is introducing new camera designs that will be offering four cameras. In this case, Samsung is trying to cut off the popularity of Huawei and trying to introduce new technology. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be with 3 cameras while note 10 pros are built with four cameras. It is preferred that Samsung galaxy note 10 pros will be with better cameras. It will be with 64 megapixels and without a normal sensor

The processor of Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor but it is also found that the Exynos processor can be found. Both these processors are best for gaming purposes. The most famous game played today is Pubg Mobile which can be played easily without lag on this mobile.

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S-Shaped Pen

The S-shaped pen is changed to a new level with a better sensitivity which will help you to enjoy mobile usage in a better way. This can give new Samsung galaxy note 10 a new popularity level.


The software used in Samsung galaxy note 10 is the latest one with upgrading options. At the moment android 9 pie. It will be with pre-installed Samsung company apps which are only available with Samsung.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Note 10

It comes out as the price of Samsung galaxy note 10 will be 1267 Us dollars.


The new Samsung Note 10 is with the new options with new infinity display and built-in battery and back cover. The new shape will be with a better design and the progress will get Samsung to a different level. Better Camera, Better Processor, and the best shape will help you to get through a new mobile with the best technology.

The mobile is with an S-shaped pen and the latest software with an upgrading option at a reasonable price. This mobile will take technology to a different level.

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