The Walking Dead Season 10

Everything about season 10 of The Walking Dead.

Walking dead-ended with a lot of twists last year. A lot of questions were left unanswered. However, there is a trailer out for the newest season of the show.

These are some of the points we have gathered from the trailer and the fan theories.

Negan’s Redemption and Closeness to the group:

Negan was the deadliest villain in the history of the walking dead. Negan has all it takes to be a thrilling villain.he has charisma and brain

But, Negan will be out and about in Alexandria participating in activities related to the group’s survival.

However, the show is going to follow the comic’s arc in this season regarding Negan. In the comics, Negan earned his freedom from rick when he saved Rick from a whisperer crisis.

Negan's Redemption and Closeness to the group Walking Dead

The show is definitely going to focus on the redemption of Negan as well. he has qualities that can help the group in fighting the Whisperers.

Couple Swap: The Walking Dead.

In the trailer, we witnessed a couple of swaps. Michonne was kissing the king and carol was seen getting close to Daryl. However, Daryl and Carol are always have been close to each other.

But this season, we might get a chance of both of them finally faking it out of the friend zone. Carol was also seen making jokes about the current relationship they are sharing.

Rosita ‘s baby and her relationship with Sadeeq.

Rosita has a baby with Sadeeq. However, they didn’t have any relationship. Rosita was dating Father Gabriel. Eugene has also a crush on Rosita. The situation is quite complicated for Rosita.

If we look into the comics we will find that Rosita might end up with Eugen. Sadeeq died in the comics and things might not work with Father Gabriel.

Crossing border on Purpose?

Our group of survival was seen crossing the border on purpose do they have a strategy? Are they planning to have a war with the Whisperers?

Negan is the guy who killed Alpha in the comics. So we are thinking the show is going to follow the traditional comics arc. The group will have a war with whisperers and Negan might share his wisdom on the agenda.

Negan Vs Daryl in The Walking Dead

We saw Daryl behind the bars talking to Negan more like threatening. There is a possibility that Daryl might have a problem with the idea of Freedom of Negan. Clearly, it seems that Daryl will not forgive Negan for what he did.

We will see more of Oceanside this season.

Last season, there was not much about the oceanside. The community had a little contribution in the past season. But, we will see more of the community taking part in the war.

Will Michonne go on a journey to find Rick: The walking dead.

There is a high fan theory that Michonne will take a hint and listen to the message on the radio. The voice on the radio is going to lead them to Rick. But, in the trailer, we didn’t see anything like this. However, there is still a Rick Grimes movie coming to the cinemas this year.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.