Everything you need to know about new Moto Z4

If you want a long battery life with a bright display, buying a Moto Z4 isn’t a bad choice. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Moto Z4 battery is a magnet for its potential customers

Motorola is back in the race with an exciting 3600mAh battery, making it convenient for its user to use it for more than two days with a little charging between the hours. You won’t have to settle low for power saving mode quite often unlike other phones. Another secret behind it is an energy-efficient processor. The efficiency is certainly better than its predecessor Moto Z play.

Moto Z4 display is appreciable as well

With a display of 1080p, it is safe to say that it is competing well against other mobile screens that are relatively costlier than this phone. The screen display is similar to that of OLED screens. The small top notch doesn’t get in the way while watching your favorite shows or sports, making it the phone to have one of the tiniest notches for front cams. Color and angle viewing are great and similar to OLED displays.

The software isn’t displeasing

The phone is making a debut with Android 9 Pie and contains Motorola’s customized characteristics. For instance, the interface for gesture navigating has vividly improved. Also, you can now flip and shake it to carry out various functions.  The Z4 provides a satisfactory experience of updating it. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor, saving a lot of power.

The camera is comprised of a single lens and a sensor

Unlike other phones in the market, it encloses a single lens. The sensor present in the Z4 is of profound quality with 48 megapixels. You can take vivid, elucidated and bright photos with this phone. Furthermore, the night mode is highly functioning and draws intricacies in the images it captures.

The single speaker has a different location than other speakers on other phones, which is the top. The fingerprint sensor is not, however, as competitive as sensors of other phones are. It has a starting price of $499 in unlocked condition from the market.

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