FaceApp Privacy Concerns

FaceApp, Should you be worried about your privacy?

A Russia-based app, FaceApp went viral this month, this application helps you apply you a filter that makes you look older. Users download this app and accept terms and service without even reading it and then start uploading their photos.

FaceApp terms and conditions state that they may use your name and photo and use them for any purpose.

FaceApp is Safe?

The answer is pretty obvious, It’s not safe but so are the other social media platforms where we upload our selfies and photos daily like Instagram and Facebook but we never cared about that. Even though Facebook admits that they collect your data to improve its algorithm.

Nothing suspicious has been done by FaceApp for now, if you are worried about your privacy, know that there are plenty of other applications that are also gaining your data/information.

If you think FaceApp’s terms and conditions are threatening you should look into other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Ther Privacy Policy, How they store your information.
Visit here.

Read their Privacy Policy carefully, and think, should you be worried or not? If you have nothing to hide then go for it there is nothing to be worried about but if you care about privacy then should you be using this application?

You are a Snapchat freak, Instagram Freak but all of a sudden this application threatens your privacy?

Despite all the privacy concerns, FaceApp is a fun app to use.


Worried about your privacy and still want to use the application?

Simply stop giving it access to your photos, storage, and other stuff. Take a picture and then turn off the access.

You can do this through your smartphone settings by going to the applications settings.

FaceApp also says that it removes your photo from their servers on your request.

You can send the request by going to the settings then support then report a bug and click on privacy.

You can earn by selling your data to facebook.

Masab Farooque
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