How To Create Facebook Avatar If It's Not Available?

How To Create Facebook Avatar If It’s Not Available?

Recently, Facebook came up with a new feature similar to the Snapchat Bitmojis. This feature is called Facebook Avatar Maker. It allows users to create a cartoon version of themselves. These avatars can be used as display pictures and stickers. The feature is only available in the USA, Australia, India, and some other countries. The process of creating an avatar is pretty simple.

  1. Open the Facebook Application
  2. Hit the menu button on your Android or iOS device.
  3. Click “See More”.
  4. Click on Avatars and select get started.
  5. Now you’ll be able to create your Avatar on Facebook.
  6. After creating, click on done.

You can use this Avatar as a sticker on anyone’s comments, and also on messenger while chatting with someone.

Facebook Avatar
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Create Facebook Avatar If It’s Not Available

As we mentioned above, it is only available in specific regions/countries. So, most of the Facebook users can’t access this feature yet. They can’t even see the Avatar option in their “See More” section. For this we came up with a solution, you’ll need a VPN for this to work.

  • Clear Cache and Data of your Facebook App.
  • Download Hola VPN from Google Play Store.
  • Go to your Phone Settings, and change your region to the USA from timezone.
  • Open Hola VPN and select the USA.
  • Open Facebook using Hola VPN.
  • Go to Facebook Menu, and check the See More section now.

The method is same for iOS users, however, don’t forget to change your region to the USA. Once you’ve created your avatar, it will always be available in your stickers.

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